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K-Drama: Under the Queen’s Umbrella Ep. 09 recap

This review of Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 9 discusses certain narrative aspects.

Today’s Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode included more minor characters than usual. The public saw Consort Tae as self-assuredly ambitious, Consort Ko as an uncompromising mother, and Prince Simso as a frightened son who couldn’t measure up. While the overarching narrative didn’t advance much, there were several exciting components and episode setups.

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Review of Season 1’s “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”

Grand Prince Gyeseong finds Seo Ham-deok in Monk Haeham. Prince Uiseong has heard that the “money-thirsty” individual may be for sale. Queen Dowager Cho (Kim Hae-sook) is bitter and desperate to prevent her son from becoming Crown Prince.

After learning of Grand Prince Seongnam’s attack, the King wants to investigate those who oppose him. Hwa-ryeong intends to keep the topic secret to avoid influencing the taekhyeon. The Queen (Kim Hye-soo) promises revenge if a similar tragedy occurs during her reign.

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The King hesitates before questioning the Queen Dowager about Hwa-promise ryeong of a cuckoo pint. His Majesty has misgivings about Cho’s role in the Grand Prince Seongnam hit, but his mother manipulates him. When he scolds the Queen and expresses remorse over her choice to release the Queen Dowager, the King may be faintly aware of the situation’s significance.

This time, Queen Dowager Cho’s false sickness causes friction between them. The King’s mother said, “I choose who becomes the Crown Prince,” avoiding the idea that her authority is reduced due to Grand Prince Seongnam. The Queen suspects Prince Bogeom is groomed to become the King when she hears Consort Tae has been seeing the Queen’s Dowager. Her Majesty is hesitant to dismiss Prince Uiseong and wants to know his “true objective.”

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Episode 9:


Queen questions Consort Tae,

First, she must show her guilt for giving Prince Bogeom information at the Taecyeon, and then she must decide if her son can be the next Crown Prince. The Queen doesn’t like the thought she can keep her post if Bogeom becomes king, so she sends Tae to Queen Dowager Cho, claiming she’s unwell.

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As Grand Prince Seongnam and Prince Bogeom monitor Park Gyeong-u at a trade port (revealing he is paid to sell others’ products), Won-hyeong concerns the “intercepted” subleader of bandits may say something he isn’t supposed to before the Queen’s visit. Her Majesty sends the subleader to expose the Chief State Councillor. A defensive Won-hyeong allows the Queen to accuse him of trying to kill Grand Prince Seongnam. The Queen informs the Chief State Councillor, “I worry we’ll have to work together,” after hinting his old friend may now back Prince Bogeom, not Uiseong.

Uiseong sends his soldiers to pursue the guy who revealed Seo Ham-deck as adulterous. Grand Prince Gyeseong studies Buddhist teachings and palace floor plans for military strategy.

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Queen Dowager Cho’s comment that Consort Tae “has what it takes to be a Queen” charms her. Grand Prince Young and Prince Hodong depart the Taecyeon, and Consort Ko is angry that Prince Simso hasn’t ascended Mount Gyeryong.

Queen Dowager tells Consort Tae, “You can’t become Crown Prince without plan and execution.” The older woman whispers to her new colleague, who seems confident before Consort Hwang.

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Dowager Cho, Consort Hwang, and Won-hyeong chat. The king’s mother wants her concubine to be queen, but she’s pleased with Bogeom. Cho reminds visitors that she still chooses the successor and encourages them to follow. Won-hyeong rebukes Queen Dowager’s avarice during the “tea ceremony.” Her Majesty advises Minister Yoon to avoid future Queen Dowager Cho and Won-hyeong clashes.

Park Gyeong-u contests Grand Prince Seongnam’s auction profits. Seongnam lifting the ship for Cheong-a makes Prince Bogeom envious. Gyeong-u gets offended when he says she’ll teach him.

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Consort Tae spreading royal rumors.

The elder employed Taecyeon to discover the concubine’s desires. Consort Ko doesn’t pity Prince Simson and compels him to compete for the crown.

Grand Prince Muan says he loves Cho-wol “like a woman” after defending her from a brazen guy at the courtesan’s residence, exposing their growing closeness. Court Lady Shin feeds Princess Simson. Her Majesty asks the royal why he’s clutching his mortgage at the feast and discovers it’s his mother’s first present. Consort Ko throws the plate. Queen and concubine argue over the concubine’s ailing son.

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Consort Ko says Prince Simso “should’ve died.” “You’re missed. The concubine leaves her crying kid. Ko’s displeasure leads her to show Consort Hwang a sketch of Prince Gyeseong in a women’s costume and reveal that the Queen and Queen Dowager Cho know the Grand Prince’s identity. Hwa-ryeong must “weep blood” for Simso’s mother’s gift.

When Prince Simso’s breakfast tray isn’t returned, the Queen is shocked. Prince’s suicide attempt prompted rescue efforts. Simso’s pulse stops the Queen’s rumors. Consort Ko wakes her kid.

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Hwa-ryeong doesn’t want Ko since Simso’s mother would be sad. Queen’s mortgage calms consort. Her Majesty tells Ko, “You’ve been severely punished for transgression.” Once-cynical concubine seemed sorry.

Queen offers Prince Simso a drink as he wakes. She advises being “full of holes” and cheerful. Hwa-ryeong wants Simso to know that not being Crown Prince is not a bad thing since pushing himself would be disrespectful. “Decide. The Queen instructs him to “breathe” Simso quits taekhyeon and appears cheerful, despite seeing his mother.

Following his map, Prince Gyeseong discovers something shocking. Monk Haeham must divulge Seo Ham-secret deok’s military techniques and ground preparations. Prince Uiseong reconsiders when the arresting the Monk for murdering Choi Gil-myeong.

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Jin prince imprisoned Monk Haeham (it was the son of Consort Hwang, who murdered Gil-myeong). Unless he travels with Uiseong, Haeham’s life is at risk. Gyeseong examines a hidden room and finds an arsenal, implying treachery.

Doctor Kwon visits Monk Haeham with Master Toji and promises to return. Consort Hwang says Kwon mistreated the deceased crown prince.

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