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Ethics Policy

nova scotia today strives to provide accurate and contextual information. Our goal is to cover every angle of a story with accuracy, impartiality, and complete transparency.


nova scotia today makes every effort to report accurately. Before publication, all sources are verified and all content is fact-checked. Articles are also subjected to many checks at various stages to assure their accuracy. Although we strive to offer accurate and timely information, the content may be incomplete or contain technical or typographical errors. Unintentional but major errors caused by incorrect human judgment may occur in rare cases. In such circumstances, nova scotia today will publish a correction, explanation, or editor’s note, as necessary.


We are committed to fairness at nova scotia today, and all staff are required to uphold these standards. We attempt to instil a strong sense of fair play in our reporting by correctly reflecting the sources’ motivations. Our coverage’s tone and language should also attempt to establish a sense of impartiality.

A tale isn’t fair if important and significant details are left out. It is also unjust to include irrelevant material without regard for the facts. A story is also not fair if it intentionally or unintentionally misleads the reader. Coverage that is fair comprises thoroughness, relevance, and honesty.

No article is fair unless the individuals or institutions mentioned in it are given the opportunity to respond to assertions or accusations made. We must give subjects enough time to react and respond to events, situations, and, most crucially, any claims leveled against them.


Without openness, there is no trust. nova scotia today has made a commitment to prevent conflicts of interest whenever and wherever possible.

We do not accept any form of gift from any of our news providers. We also do not accept payments from governments, government-funded organisations, government officials, political parties, or people who take positions on contentious matters.

Reporters and editors must also refuse any sort of reward or favour from any individual, firm, institution, or organisation they cover.

Furthermore, nova scotia today requires all work published on the website to be properly credited. An anonymous source is permitted only as a last resort and with the editor-in-agreement. chief’s In such circumstances, writers and editors must be able to characterize the source’s accessibility and credibility.