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How Long Were Pam & Tommy Married? All you need to know

As promised, “Pam & Tommy” is now streaming on Hulu, immersing viewers in “the greatest love tale ever sold.” In addition, the series gets many things right, including the chronology of their relationship.

The series may give the impression that events between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were hurried up for television purposes, as is often the case with adaptations of true stories. Still, in actuality, the two did move at an astounding rate.

When Did Pam and Tommy Meet for the Very First Time?

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee met in a club on New Year’s Eve, 1994. Tommy Lee did this to Pamela Anderson, as Sebastian Stan does in the film when he takes Lily James’s face and licks it from chin to forehead. According to Anderson, in a 1995 interview, she gave him her number because she felt he was “cool, polite, and lovely.”

How long was Pamela Anderson’s marriage to Tommy Lee?

The marriage between Baywatch actress Pamela and Motley Crüe musician Tommy lasted three years.

They met on New Year’s Eve in December at a nightclub, with Pam describing how Tommy ‘came up, grabbed me, and licked my face in a 1995 interview with Movieline.

She stated that she “felt he was a cool, kind, and decent person” and provided him with her contact information.

They wed on February 19, 1995, and separated on February 28, 1998, after Tommy was charged with domestic and child abuse.

What were Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s ages when they wed?

Pamela was 28 years old when she married Tommy in 1995 when he was 33.

Rand Gauthier Steals a Couple’s Tape

Upon their return from Cancun, Anderson and Lee agreed to reside in Lee’s Malibu mansion. Shortly later (still in February), Rand Gauthier, portrayed by Seth Rogen in “Pam & Tommy,” began working as a house contractor.

Indeed, Lee eventually fired Gauthier, and he refused to return Gauthier’s instruments. In 2014, Gauthier told Rolling Stone that this incident, which included Lee holding a shotgun to his face and demanding him to leave, was the impetus behind his decision to take Lee’s safe containing the recording.

What about Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s children?

Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee were born to Pam and Tommy in 1996 and 1997, respectively, and are currently 25 and 24 years old.

Brandon was featured in the 2019 edition of The Hills, in which his famous mother made a guest appearance with him in a legendary television return.

His younger brother Dylan, who has worked with companies such as Saint Laurent, Armani, and Hugo Boss, is also a model and actor.

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