Dear White People

Dear White People: Everything You Need To Know About This Netflix Drama

Dear White People is an American parody show TV series on Netflix that follows a few dark understudies at an Ivy League organization (the anecdotal Winchester University), addressing issues encompassing current American race relations through a disputable reformist, left-wing lens. It depends on the 2014 movie of the equivalent name. The movie’s author and chief, […]

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Gillian Anderson sex education

Why Gillian Anderson Bans Her Kid From Watching Her Own Show? Sex Education!

Entertainer Gillian Anderson, who stars as Dr Jean Milburn in the Netflix series Sex Education, has restricted her kids from watching the show. Anderson, who has Piper, 26, with Clyde Klotz, just as Felix, 12, and Oscar, 14, with Mark Griffiths, said:  “I am living happily in the denial that my children do not watch […]

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