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Alchemy Of Souls Episode 13 Release Date Status And Time: Preview, Recap & Get Every Detail Here

Alchemy of Souls, a popular South Korean TV show, will soon air episodes 13 and 14. Find out more about the release date and time, spoilers, English subs, and streaming here.

In the last Alchemy of Souls episode, we saw that Jang-Uk was having trouble with the game. On the other hand, Mu-Deok says a few words of support. She asks Jang-Uk to think about how this is like a game of tug of war. He must know when to attack and when to let his guard down. Those who watch Alchemy of Souls must be looking forward to episode 13. Here is everything you need to know about what will happen in the next episodes of this Korean drama, including spoilers.

Alchemy of Souls season 1 Episodes 13 Release Date

The 13th episode of the first season of Alchemy of Souls will come out on July 30, 2022. Usually, it’s at 3 p.m. (BST), but sometimes it’s not. We don’t think the plan will change just yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.). The next day, July 31, at the same time, Alchemy of Souls season 1, episode 14 will air.

Where to watch online

At the time and date listed above, people all over the world can watch episodes 13 and 14 of Alchemy of Souls on Netflix. South Koreans can watch the episode on tvN every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00, which is also when it is available on Netflix (KST).

This week, Alchemy of Souls has started to move the story along quickly, bringing some things that have been happening slowly up to this point. But if you need a quick review, here’s what you need to know:

  • Park Jin knows about the things Jin Mu did in Cheonbugwan. 
  • Seo Yul knows more about who Mu-deok is right now. 
  • The relationship between Dang-gu and Cho-yeon has begun. 
  • Jang Uk is getting better at what he does, but he only has one more chance to win back the jade Mu-deok used as a bet. 
  • Jang Uk is being held by Jin Mu in Cheonbugwan right now.
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