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Avatar 2 is finished and due next month

It won’t be much longer until the anticipated follow-up arrives.

The game Avatar: The Way of Water is slated to be launched next month, and it is now finished.

The 13-year-long sequel is nearly finished; the final few months have been spent fine-tuning the film in preparation for its December 16 release.

Jon Landau, the film’s producer, took to Twitter to announce the completion of the final edit, along with a photo of the cast and crew (including Cameron).

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Landau congratulated everyone involved in Avatar: The Way of Water by writing, “We are very proud of you!” in the photo’s description. After yesterday’s final mix and picture mastering, I snapped this photo of our post-production team. I appreciate everyone’s help with this movie, and I want to express my appreciation.

Landau and Cameron had previously worked together on the first film and Titanic, theHighest-grossing films of all time upon their initial release.

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Cameron, also responsible for the Terminator franchise, recently defended the film’s extended running time of 192 minutes.

The author has indicated that “a dramatic emotional tale” is the primary objective. “I feel like the new film puts a lot of emphasis on narrative, relationships, and emotion.”

“There’s more”

We focused more on character development and emotion in the second picture, making it longer. He then said, “There’s more.”

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There will be five sequels to Avatar, the second of which is titled Avatar: The Way of Water. Production on the third film, scheduled for completion in December 2024, has wrapped, and work on the fourth has begun.

Cameron has indicated the success of the first two movies will determine when the fourth and fifth installments will be released.

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When asked how long the film would continue to be in production, he stated, “The market may tell us we’re done after three months” or “OK, let’s conclude the tale in movie three, not forever.” If the movie isn’t profitable after three months, cancel the production.

Source: DigitalSpy