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‘I believe in ghosts:’ Constance Wu Reveals Her Ghost Experience

Constance Wu admitted that she believes in ghosts and talked openly about her experiences with them.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor who played the lead in 2:22—AA Ghost Story said, “Though not in the same manner as most people, I do believe in ghosts.” I don’t believe it to be eerie, terrifying, or haunted. Ghost encounters, in my opinion, are fairly common. Mine took place in a neighborhood during the day, not at a haunted house or somewhere else that may have been ominous.

A really elderly woman with these heavy glasses was standing there when I arrived, and she was quite kind. She abruptly vanished after that. She wasn’t menacing, and it wasn’t scary. “She merely appeared to be a little bewildered.”

Anna Camp, who plays her co-star in Pitch Perfect, also believes in spirits.

“I think ghosts exist. I’ve had a few paranormal encounters. I have two Ouija boards, and I once received a warning from one of them in college concerning an incident that occurred years after I acquired another one. When I recount the story again, it still gives me shivers because of how everything was intertwined. However, something is at work that goes beyond what is actually taking place. I firmly believe it.”

2:22—A Ghost Story features two couples that stay up until 2:22 to see if the house is haunted.

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