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Fact-Checking Policy

Before publication, all nova scotia today’s content must be thoroughly fact-checked. Fact-checking is the responsibility of all nova scotia today reporters, writers, and editors.

Our fact-checking procedure at nova scotia today is organized on several levels. Every piece of material is fact-checked at every stage of the story’s creation, from ideation to scripting, drafting, and preview. Checks are performed by reporters, copywriters, sub-editors, and senior editors.

Policy on Corrections

nova scotia today attempts to provide news and events that are accurate, thorough, and unbiased. Before they are published on the internet, the articles and news items are thoroughly proofread and fact-checked. If an error does make it into the final published article, it is entirely inadvertent.

nova scotia today responds quickly to and corrects any problems in the content on our digital website. We also publish a correction, explanation, or editor’s note when needed, so that our readers understand what is incorrect and what is correct.

Updating Publicly Available Content

All published content is updated as needed to meet the expectations of readers in the digital age. We don’t post notes on articles to indicate that they’ve been updated because the time stamp already tells the reader that they’re reading an evolving story. However, if the situation calls for it, we will post a notice. A correction, clarification, or editor’s note is also used when the correction is the result of a severe error.


In the event of a significant correction to an article, headline, photo caption, graphic, video, or other content, we post a correction explaining the change as soon as possible.


If our reporting is factually true but the wording used to express those facts is unclear or not as precise as it should be, we edit the piece and add a clarification to the narrative.

Clarifications are also used when we failed to seek a reaction or a comment that has since been added to the narrative, or when new reporting has modified our opinion on an incident.

Notes from the Editor

In the case of a correction that calls the entire article into doubt or raises major ethical concerns, we publish an editor’s note followed by a full explanation of the subject at hand. The addition of an editor’s note is only permitted with the editor-in-consent. chief’s

Additional disciplinary policies:

  • All social media platform corrections are made on the corresponding networks.
  • If readers report errors in the comments, the correction will be made in the comments.
  • Individual reporters or editors will not be held accountable. However, inaccuracies stemming from a publication issue or erroneous information supplied by a reliable source must be noted.

Resolving Complaints

All complaints about the nova scotia today website or its content should be directed to info@ [email protected]. The complaint must be addressed within 36 hours of receipt by the individual impacted, and it must be resolved within one month of receipt.