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Complete results from WWE Crown Jewel

At WWE Crown Jewel, Roman Reigns defeated Logan Paul to retain his WWE Universal Championship, Bianca Belair defeated Bayley to retain her championship, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions won the Last Woman Standing Match. WWE Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai and IYO SKY defeated Alexa Bliss and Asuka. The Usos defeated The Brawling Brutes.

Titus O’Neil begins the show with a Crown Jewel video.

Lesnar vs. Lashley

Lashley throws Lesnar over the ringside area and back inside for a spear… NOPE! The Hurt Lock was countered with two German suplexes and the F-5, but no! Bob returns, the fireman carries the opponent to the floor, and puts the Beast in the ring post!

Lesnar climbs the turnbuckles with the Hurt Lock in the center.

Brock Lesnar wins by pinfall with the Hurt Lock.

Lashley reapplies the Hurt Lock to Brock post-match, turning him purpler than planned.

Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai & IYO SKY) vs. Alexa Bliss & Asuka (c) (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship).

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After Bliss and Kai’s armbar whip to the corner, and up-and-over, Dakota dominates. Alexa—more! Pin. Kai strikes after failing to pin!

Dakota binds her after one reversed whip, drop-down. SKY! Asuka avoids IYO’s off-the-ropes lariat. Double suplex, SKY rises, babyface team hits double bulldog/face breaker!

Tag Kai, dropkick finishes her, tags Asuka, pulls Damage CTRL off the ropes, and stereo baseball slides. Dakota leg-grabs IYO joins the dragon screw, and threatens Asuka! Bliss kicks, palm strikes, and double drop kicks!

Sky with a backbreaker, Alexa stopping her ascension and tripping her to set up a Yoshi Tonic…NOPE! Destruction! Asuka inside the rules, missile dropkick on Kai, Kraken, kick combination, Codebreaker, and bridging German suplex!

After avoiding a Twisted Bliss and knees-up finish during the break, Asuka smacks the alarm clock and dodges an Asai Moonsault. Nikki Cross tripped Alexa with referee Aja Perera, producing a hanging DDT! Kai-covered.

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McIntyre-Kross (Steel Cage Match) (Steel Cage Match)

McIntyre dodges a lariat and fires back; Kross lands a whip reversed, front kick, and lasso, and Drew knocks him down! McIntyre is enraged—rope chops, fists, massive back suplex! While Drew gasps, Carrion is halted!

Kross strangles McIntyre again to flip the tide! Drew belly-to-belly suplexes, Carrion! Kross under him glides into the cage, back elbow, McIntyre lands the Michinoku Driver for two!

Drew’s superplex! Carrion recovers and drags him up, but McIntyre smashes him into the steel and does a spine buster, jackknife pin…NOPE! Drew sleeps with Krossjacket!

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Scarlett prevents McIntyre’s DDT, kip-up, and countdown! Drew can throw Kross into the cage with the sleeper! Drew wakes up and climbs the cage after Carrion loops!

Scarlett opens the door for her beloved, but Drew cuts him off and knocks him down, so she makes him shut, lock, and grab the key! McIntyre rises to release Carrion…

Escaped Drew McIntyre wins.

Solo Sikoa approaches Byron Saxton after Reigns dodges Logan’s “lucky punch” question. Heyman mocks lucky punches.

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Judgment Day vs. OC (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, & Luke Gallows)

While Michael Cole talks about Karl holding the NEVER Openweight Championship, Balor and Anderson start with wristlocks and front kicks. Styles beat Dominik, backbreaker, corner, tag to Gallows, and the big guy smashes the younger Mysterio!

Big bodyslam, elbow drop, turnbuckles, rapid tags, AJ sheer drop brainbuster! The priest’s thrust kicks off Judgment Day!

Luke! Gallows knocks down Mysterio with a lariat, huge slicing right. Damian kicked, backsplash, and freight trains into Dominik! Anderson!

The priest saves Magic Killer! Styles hit Balor and Priest! Slingshot, Mysterio sliding knee, slingshot back inside, 1916 reversed into Ushigoroshi! Karl sends Finn’s figure four leglock! Dom follows…with the gas mask!

Priest kicks, Balor tops, and AJ stops! Autumn! When Rhea Ripley interrupts, Finn kicks Styles into the corner from above.

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Olmos corners, Strowman! Jawing, corner body avalanche, off the ropes, tremendous rib kick! Headbutt prevents Braun’s comeback one-arm power slam on the Monster Among Men!

Strowman charges up and right punch into the ropes; the Nigerian Giant brushes it off, and it takes two attempts to clothesline him! Braun summons the fast train and falls… BODY AVALANCHE! Back inside, Strowman stops the choke bomb; Omos pushes him into the corner, off the ropes, and avoids the charge!

Braun raises…

Running powerslam pins Braun Strowman.

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Usos vs. Brawling Brutes (c) (WWE Unified Tag Team Championship)

Dunne and Jimmy start; Uso bails, and his brother walk, but Butch stops them! Jey enters, bicep-stomps Jimmy, and kicks Pete. Holland takes control, double back body drop, Beats of the Bodhran, but Jimmy saves his brother before all ten lands!

Ridge pursues freight trains: Jey’s powerful right-hand stops Jimmy’s dive. Butch stomps on the steel staircase! Bossman Slam! Dunne arrives, Jey fights them two-for-one, Jimmy rescues, and stereo superkicks set up “everyone does something great”!

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Jey saves Jimmy from Butch’s wishbone! Stereo diving splashes, but ridge destroys pin-up! Pete hits Jey’s wrist, Holland hits White Noise, and Butch traps Jimmy… INSUFFICIENT! Jimmy saves!

An avalanche 1D pinfall keeps the Usos WWE Unified Tag Team Champions.

Wyatt comes.

He claims a legendary wrestling family. He wanted greatness from boyhood, but significance wasn’t enough. He must excel.

He gave in and happily wore the mask. The mask removed pain and dread. Undercover, he felt invincible.

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That seemed hard to stop. This monster he created shattered him and drove away everyone he loved.

He sat alone. He claims no one loves him—only his potential and ideas. His story continues despite his self-hatred.

He hates that reputation. Bray Wyatt will change his ending.

The Tron masked guy asks why he wears a mask before revealing Uncle Howdy. Pretending hurts him. Would they still adore you?

Why wait when he caves? He’ll remember its joy. If you’re afraid, wear the mask.

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Reigns-Logan (WWE Universal Championship) (WWE UUC)

Paul’s! Logan plays, Roman behind, standing switch, waist lock!

Fireman’s carry, switch, and takedown! Roman rests! Logan instructs Reigns to corner the Tribal Chief. Dirty right-hand break, whip across, huge back elbow drops him!

Straight suplex, cover, overhead elbows, Paul’s body strikes, Roman off the ropes, shoulder block, hip toss—Reigns scared! Defeat! Logan follows and tosses him over the timekeeper’s barricade.

Paul brings Reigns. Buckshot lariat KOs him—NO! Roman relaxes after Superman Punch knocks Logan out. Reigns banned YouTubers!

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Logan recovers, Roman whips him across, sidesteps the charge, Karelin lifts, and both fall! Slowly coming, hitting Paul, lariat, back elbow, pushing Reigns down, scoop lift, float over, corner, elbow, diving blockbuster…NO!

Logan’s Superman Punch fails! Paul loops the diving crossbody for a standing moonsault. Close! Logan parries Roman’s superkick. Paul resists!

Superman misses Paul! Roman! Roman! Floor, Reigns on the announce desk, Paul shooting his team at the ringside, film, up there. Pass the announcement table!

Usos attack Logan’s pals! Superkick! Jimmy eats another superkick! JakeSaves! Kills Usos!

Roman saves Logan. SPLASH! Equalizes! Road agents and referees moderate, and Logan returns… Superman KOs! Roaring.

Roman Reigns’ spear pinfall maintains the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

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