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ArcheAge II is Confirmed on Consoles and PC in the Game’s Debut Trailer

Kakao Games has published the first ArcheAge 2 teaser trailer, announcing that the next multiplayer online role-playing game will debut for both consoles and PC in 2024. Although an official release date for ArcheAge two has not yet been announced, the second segment of this video has an interview with Executive Producer Jake Song, who provides a preview of the future game.

ArcheAge two has been in development for two years, with XLGames and Kakao Games repeating in September that the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game is indeed in the works. This time, the development team has released a short teaser featuring gameplay footage showcasing combat, opponents, and abilities. As seen in the trailer, players will engage in multiple boss battles while exploring the vast open world.

An inside interview with Jake Song, the creator of ArcheAge and Lineage Games, disclosed a wealth of new information regarding the game’s combat, narrative, aesthetics, and trade system.

In addition to focusing on action, the development team hopes to provide an immersive tale; something players may not initially expect from an MMORPG. “Action-packed fighting and production for an engaging plot are our top priorities. We’re aiming for AAA-level aesthetics with Unreal Engine 5,” stated Song (via Gematsu).

Song also said that ArcheAge 2’s plot progression would differ from its predecessor’s, as it will emphasize personal journeys rather than a linear narrative. “The plot will include uncovering and unraveling the mysteries of an ancient civilization that has been ignored for millennia, allowing it to meld into the natural surroundings.”

Kakao Games will enhance one of ArcheAge’s most prominent features, housing, by introducing new customization options that allow gamers to live with their pals. ArcheAge two will also let users establish their guild-based settlement. The developers plan to improve the trading system so players can conduct trade runs alone, in teams, or raids.

ArcheAge two is presently slated for release on PC and consoles in 2024.

Kakao Games and XL Games recently published the following statement regarding the development of ArcheAge 2:

“Kakao Games is excited to announce a publishing agreement with XLGAMES for the upcoming MMORPG ArcheAge 2, which is currently in development. ArcheAge 2 is expected to launch in 2024, and has gained immense interest since 2020 following the success and intrinsic gameplay of ArcheAge. XLGAMES’ CEO Jake Song will also be leading the development of the game, which is characterized by its vast, seamless open world and combat action. Over 100 developers are working to bring the game to fruition, and are aiming to deliver spectacular action, as well as AAA-standard storytelling.”

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