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Professional Boxer Teddy Atlas Analyze Youtuber Turned Fighter Jake Paul

Jake is still new to the circuit and needs to improve his skills more to be a champion, according to professional boxer Teddy Atlas, who has trained numerous champions, including Mike Tyson and Alexander Povetkin. Jake, a YouTuber who got into professional boxing and is currently in his sixth fight, is the other party.

Both YouTubers, Jake Paul and Logan Paul, engaged in amateur combat with KSI and his brother, Deji Olatunji. The original members of Sidemen were KSI and Deji. After that, Paul took on Nate Robinson in an exhibition fight where Roy Jones and Mike Tyson squared off in the decisive round.

Teddy thinks Jake is respected because he likes to move in for quick punches and chooses his angles and blows deftly. Jake still needs to put more on the table despite all the strategies he employs and his current record of five successful professional fights.

Jake is still raw on the inside, despite Teddy’s perception that he is a fighter. Like a steak that is half-done on the outside but raw on the inside. He is the underdog, and they have served him a raw dish.

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