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Valheim Mistlands Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

Valheim fans have been expecting the new Mistlands upgrade, which Iron Gate Studio has often hinted, for quite some time. Initially, the feature roadmap for the sandbox survival game remained unclear, but we now know that the Voyage to the Mistlands biome upgrade is next on the agenda.

Even as recently as October, Iron Gate has provided slight hints about the unknown biome that would radically alter the late-game in Valheim. Our guide will discuss the anticipated update’s content and any probable release dates for the new journey.

Valheim Mistlands Update Release Date

Everyone in Valheim wants to know when the Voyage to the Mistlands will be released. The last big update to the game was issued in September 2021, a long time ago. Even though Hearth & Home was the previous big update to the game, it had little impact on late-game saves that the forthcoming Voyage will.

There is currently no definite release date available. Mistlands has only been given a release date of 2022 by Iron Gate, although this is also open to change. The update will likely be delayed as the year comes to a close, or fans will receive the information in December.

One bright lining is that Iron Gate has been releasing teases. Screenshots have been released as recently as October 7, so there is still hope for a release date announcement shortly.

Where to locate the Mistlands within Valheim

Since Valheim is a procedurally generated realm, we cannot simply draw you a map of the Mistlands. As with the other biomes, exploration will be required. Because this biome is the most difficult in Valheim and is intended to be reached only after the others have been conquered, it may be found near the outer half of the circular map. However, you may locate it closer to the starting biome than you would think.

The biome will seem dark brown with purple hues on the map, making it difficult to distinguish from the dark brown marsh biome unless you zoom closer.

It will be easier to see if you are sailing or exploring a new country on foot (unless it is at night). The majority of the new biome is shrouded in dense, impenetrable fog. If you observe a large, dark cloud obscuring the landscape, you’re looking at the Mistlands.

What is the new Valheim Mistlands biome composed of?

The Mistlands are, in a word, foggy. A portion of the new biome is entirely shrouded in dense mist, and the region is packed with jagged rocks, towering cliffs, and an abundance of trees and grass. Frequent intense storms make it more challenging to maintain your bearings.

As you traverse the realm, you will also see dungeon entrances, little forts with blazing blue lights, and scattered castle ruins with tall arches and bridges.

Relics of the Jotunn, ancient giants that formerly roamed the realm are dispersed throughout the landscape. You will discover weapons and armor towering over you in the Mistlands, even though they are no longer present. If you have a pickaxe of sufficient durability, you can mine these metal artifacts for scrap. You may even locate a few scattered Jotunn skeletons, which you can break down for more resources.


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