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“Blew My Mind”; Triple H Applauds Young WWE Superstar Logan Paul On His Effort And work

Celebrities are frequent guests on WWE’s television shows. But the fact that two well-known performers from outside of wrestling have shared the ring with the company’s stars has caused fans to argue in recent years. 

That’s right, we’re talking about YouTube stars Logan Paul and Bad Bunny, who have trained hard to compete in WWE and have won the approval of the organization and some of its fans. But last week, when Triple H said that Roman Reigns would defend his Undisputed Universal Championship against Logan Paul in the main event of WWE Crown Jewel, the debate about how important this type of star is got even worse. 

Meanwhile, in a recent appearance on LAD Bible TV, WWE’s new Chief Content Officer complimented the dedication of YouTube stars Logan Paul and Bad Bunny.

Triple H speaks about Logan Paul

Here is a transcript of his comments on the matter, courtesy of Fightful: 

Say you said to me, “Hey, there’s a guy named Logan Paul who wants to get involved in the wrestling business. He’s interested in joining WWE, but he’s coming in with the mindset that he won’t be able to take any hits. As much as he despises being ordinary, he also craves the attention that comes with standing out. and all that he is”

This is something I will not be participating in. When someone comes along who cares deeply about him, is dedicated to his success, and works his tail off to achieve it, then… Consider his performance at the functions he’s organized for us. His WrestleMania performance was the result of a great deal of toil. 

It’s the same with Bad Bunny. At the most recent MTV Video Music Awards, this guy took home the trophy for artist of the year. It’s the biggest music festival in the world, and I want in on the action, so tell me when you want me to get into the ring. When he was going to have that moment at WrestleMania working for us with Miz and all that stuff, I told him, “You’re going to have to work hard on this,” and I meant it. 

He moved to Orlando and bought a house near the Performance Center so he could commute there daily. Every day, he went and got his arse kicked in that ring. 

Paul is yet to find out when Bad Bunny will return as he gets ready for the greatest encounter of his WWE career. It’s worth noting that Triple H has already stated that he and the singer will be having a chat in the near future. His most recent match was the Men’s Royal Rumble this year.

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