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“Bones and All” director on his cannibal romance

Luca Guadagnino discusses reconnecting with Timothée Chalamet and his upcoming film Bones and All.

“Can leopard’s spots change?” Luca Guadagnino has asked this in interviews for Bones and All. The film stars Call Me By Your Name partner Timothée Chalamet and Waves actor Taylor Russell. It follows two destitute cannibals throughout rural America in the 1980s and is bleaker and more brutal than much of his work.

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How about the leopard? Guadagnino is a wonderfully supportive, knowledgeable, and considerate filmmaker. His films are opulent and seductive but also invite thought and self-reflection. Guadagnino discussed Bones and All, its motivation, and its performers with MovieWeb.

When Guadagnino was questioned about “Bones And All” casting:

Maren (Taylor Russell) is the film’s protagonist. Her family abandoned her because she couldn’t control her cannibalistic urges. Lee accompanies her on her survival and self-discovery journey (played by Chalamet in perhaps his best performance to date). Maren finds her true character, or “spots” on her mind, via Russell’s brilliantly detailed prose.

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“Can the leopard change its spots?” asks someone in E.M. Forster’s Maurice. I think about it often. Maurice is relentless in that magnificent story; he can’t stay in one spot long. He’s leaving the nation to see a therapist in London. Maurice is outraged by nature’s apathy as the carriage goes over a hill and into a thicket.” Guadagnino:

That reminds me of my movie. These characters are stubborn. They were born in mysterious circumstances. And their apathy drives them to do things that their morality, emotional baggage, and sense of self don’t want them to do. This friction indeed attracted me. What’s the point if you can’t control your nature? How do you survive by trading? Lee and Maren hope love can change their nature.

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Can love endure?

Luca Guadagnino loves his “bones-and-all” characters

Tragic characters Lee and Maren. Watching their misery as they hopscotch across a Reaganomics-ravaged America is like watching a lone, flaming meteor light up the Star-speckled sky for a brief time. Guadagnino compassionately realizes Lee and Maren’s loneliness, uncertainty, and rejection as if he were the family they never had.

“I think these characters’ familial ties ostracize them,” Guadagnino added. “Her parents had abandoned her. When she meets the mother again, it’s not what she expected. Their older friends play the father figure while trying to dominate them. They’re hounded by self-rejection too.” 

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“Queer Skeletons”

The unnerving beauty and themes of isolation, rejection, and surveillance in Guadagnino’s “Bones and All” have enthralled queer film theorists. Guadagnino is a gay icon because he defies cinematic Fascism. He wants readers to find inspiration in his characters.

”Guadagnino Chamet”

Guadagnino’s most noteworthy recent effort was with Chalamet. Call Me By Your Name brought Chalamet and Guadagnino fame.

Guadagnino compared working with Chalamet to Antoine Doinel with Léaud. Guadagnino has considered employing Chalamet’s character.

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Guadagnino: “Timothée excites me.” “His interest, maturity, and growth inspire me. But also, by the way, he floats in this great universe with enormous fame but a lovely sense of duty. He uses it to challenge himself and dare more. He’s amazing and moves me. Timothée’s generosity. Actors seldom give. He’s generous.”

Guadagnino is generous with time and vision. He’s shared it with I Am Love and his underappreciated adaptation of Suspiria, and now he’s sharing it with MGM’s Bones and All.

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“Bones and All” opened in New York and Los Angeles on November 18 and everywhere else on November 23.

Source: MovieWeb & NerdAndBeyond & MGM Studios (Twitter)