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‘His Dark Materials’ Season 3 Coming Next Week On HBO Max

The BBC has announced that the final season of the fantasy drama His Dark Materials will premiere in December as a box set.

Lyra (Dafne Keen) will continue to avoid the Magisterium, an organization focused on governing a multi-world reality in which humans’ souls are represented by their daemon companions and her mother, Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson), who kidnapped her in the season 2 finale.

The show tweeted, “UK fans…time It’s to discover new realms.” “All episodes of the third season of #HisDarkMaterials will be available on BBC iPlayer on December 18 and weekly on BBC One.”

The series, a co-production between the BBC and HBO, will arrive in the United States slightly earlier, with the third season becoming available on HBO Max on December 5.

Amir Wilson (Will Parry), Ruth Wilson (Marisa Coulter), Will Keen (Cardinal Hugh MacPhail), James McAvoy (Lord Asriel Belacqua), and Lin-Manuel Miranda (Lee Scoresby) are also expected to return for the upcoming season.

Following Helen McCrory’s passing, Victoria Hamilton of The Crown will join the cast to portray Lord Asriel’s demon Stelmaria. Helen McCrory initially voiced the character.

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When Will The Third Season Of His Dark Materials Be Released?

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The Season 2 finale of “His Dark Materials” premiered on HBO Max in December 2020. Thus fans have waited a time to watch the climax of the dark fantasy television series. They will not have to wait long, thankfully. The series will conclude on December 26, 2022, with the premiere of Season 3 airing on HBO Max on December 5, 2022.

In keeping with the length of the previous two seasons, Season 3 will consist of only eight episodes (via Deadline).

As the final season tackles “The Amber Spyglass,” the strangest and largest installment in author Philip Pullman’s series of books, it will be intriguing to see how they weave together all those complex concepts and intertwined stories in fewer than ten episodes, especially considering that producer Jane Tranter originally intended to split the final book into two separate seasons.

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Is There A Trailer For Season 3 Of His Dark Materials?

In the emotionally intense and action-packed trailer for Season 3 of “His Dark Materials,” Lyra dreams of her friend Roger and embarks on a quest to explore the realm of the dead. As she and Will Parry, armed with the Subtle Knife, prepare to leave, we observe Asriel assembling his army of “the greatest from every realm, including the skies.”

Mrs. Coulter and Asriel’s tumultuous relationship is depicted in the trailer, while Lyra and Will fall into the underworld. In addition, we see the involvement of certain angels with a spooky appearance and the brief but welcome presence of polar bear friend Iorek Byrnison.

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