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New Disney Show Zootopia+ Finally Gets Trailer 2 Days Before Release And Streaming Platform

Only two days before the debut of Zootopia+ on Disney+ does Disney release the official trailer.


Disney has started a new era of artistically and narratively innovative animated features with the release of 2010’s “Tangled.” The animated film Zootopia is one product of this trend; it is set in the eponymous metropolis of anthropomorphic animals. In the movie, police rabbit Judy Hopps and con artist fox Nick Wilde work together to investigate attacks by wild animals that have lost their training.

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Disney made several announcements on upcoming films and television programming for Disney+ at its principal stockholders’ meeting in December 2020. Among them was the information that short-form television shows based on some of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ biggest hits were in the works. The first, titled Baymax!, was released in June 2022, and the second, titled Zootopia+, was scheduled for release the following year. Disney hasn’t said much about the sequel to Zootopia, which is set to be released on November 9, while the trailer for Baymax! was released on time and received the heavy promotion.

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Walt Disney Animated Studios has released the Zootopia+ trailer. Zootopia+ will follow several minor characters from the original film, the teaser reveals. In the six Zootopia+ episodes, we’ll see Fru Fru and her mice ladies being recorded for a reality show, Duke Weaselton performing in a musical, Judy’s parents trying to reconcile with one of their daughters, Mr. Big’s origin story from his youth, Clawhauser’s fascination with Gazelle’s new reality competition show, and Flash on a slow-moving date. Zootopia+’s teaser is above.

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Zootopia’s extensive world-building, vivid details, and endearing characters have won fans. The furry fandom, unsurprisingly, also loved it, and Disney even famously recruited them to help spread the word about the movie.

Despite the film’s positive reception and the numerous untapped opportunities to further explore the film’s unique universe, a sequel to Zootopia does not appear to be a significant priority for Disney. However, the publication of Zootopia+ may be an effort to test interest in such a project.

The sequel to Zootopia has been discussed, and both directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore have said they would be interested in directing it and have ideas for what it may be about. Finnick’s voice actor, Tom Lister Jr., has previously said that Disney was planning two sequels to Zootopia, but they never materialized.

Perhaps, though, the idea for Zootopia+ sprang from those discussions about a sequel. The program seems like it will expand on the universe of Zootopia, building on the movie’s promise. And if Disney+ succeeds with Zootopia+, a full-length sequel to Zootopia that picks up with Judy and Nick may be next.

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