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Ado Face Reveal: Investigating the Mystery of Ado’s Hidden Face

The explosive popularity of Ms. Ado’s debut single on a major label, “Uta,” propelled her to superstardom. In 2022, she performed the singing role of the diva Uta in the hit animated film “One Piece Film Red,” dominating the charts of multiple music genres. This article investigates the veracity of the enigmatic rumors that Ado’s face was leaked. We will also discuss the possibility of his future appearance as a singer, so please continue reading!

About Ado 

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Ado was born in Tokyo, Japan, on October 24, 2002. She sings in Japanese. At 17, she debuted in 2020 with the digital song “Usseewa.” The song topped the Billboard Japan Hot 100, the Oricon Digital Singles Chart, and the Oricon Streaming Chart. In only 148 days after its debut, the music video for the song on her YouTube channel surpassed 100 million views.

She became the sixth fastest solo artist in history to reach 100 million plays on Billboard Japan after 17 weeks on the chart. Currently, she is represented by Cloud Nine, an artist management company. It has over 260 million views on YouTube, over 6.3 million plays, and over 25,000 my lists on Niconico as of January 2023. Since then, she has received considerable attention whenever she releases new covers or original music.

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Investigating the Mystery of Ado’s Hidden Face

 Ado has not officially revealed her face as of 2022, two years after her debut, but to our surprise, an image of her face has leaked onto the Internet. There are rumors that his high school and the Tanuki bulletin board are to blame for the leakage of his face.

Ado, also very popular abroad, announced on her 20th birthday, October 24, 2022, that she has formed a partnership with the prestigious American music agency Gefin Records. Although Ms. Ado has shown a wide variety of activities without revealing her face, there has been much speculation about how she will tell her face upon entering the U.S. market.

Let’s examine some of the Internet-circulating photographs of Ado’s natural face.

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Ado Face During “Amaru” Music Unit Period

Before signing with a major label, Ado was a member of the active three-piece idol group “Amaru.” Here is his face from the “Amaru” music unit era!

The members from left to right in the photo are “Ai,” “Marin,” and “Ruri,” and the “Ruri” on the far right is reportedly Ms. Ado. She has a black bob haircut and a lovely face. The name “Amaru” was derived from the initials of the band’s members.

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How do we know Ms. Ado is “Ruri” of the “Amaru” unit? One of Ms. Ado’s fans revealed the reason in a tweet.

These tweets appear to have been deleted, but they were previously available. They all share the same reply address as Ado’s current username, “ado1024imokenp.” In addition, two “Amaru” members, “Ai” and “Marin,” are still using their “Amaru”-era Twitter accounts, so their faces are still visible on Twitter, and neither version is “ado1024imokenp.” Therefore, it is evident that “ado1024imokenp” is “Ruri’s” account. Additionally, “Ruri” is Mr. Ado!

ado twittter
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Face Reveal On High School Instagram Post

In addition to the “Amaru” music unit period, Ado’s natural face was revealed on her high school’s Instagram, which has become a hot topic.

High School Instagram Post
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Here is a photo of his face during his “Watanabe High School” years! It appears that Mr. Ado is in the summer camp group photograph.

Upon graduating high school, Ado tweeted a photo of a “diploma” with the same design as Watanabe High School. Examining the graduation ceremony tweet from Watanabe High School’s official account reveals that the diploma is identical.

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Matsuko’s Complimentary Remark Upon Seeing Ado’s Face


On February 5, 2022, Mr. Ado was a guest on “Matsuko Kaigi.” Mr. Ado, who does not typically reveal his true identity, made a special appearance during this recording. During the broadcast, however, his face remained obscured in the image displayed below on the television screen.

Upon seeing Ado’s true visage on the studio monitor, Matsuko remarked, “I believe that this is how everyone truly felt, including their desires. I felt relieved.

As Ado continued his conversation with Matsuko, some individuals remarked, “I like his personality now” and “I like the way he speaks and his voice.

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Although we do not know Ms. Ado’s actual appearance, we are confident, as Matsuko stated, that her voice and true appearance may be identical to what we imagined.

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