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Who is Lydia being referred in the episodes of ‘Tell Me Lies’? The Twist in the Finale Episode Being Revealed

The season 1 finale of Tell Me Lies kept the surprises coming right up until the very end.

Episode 10’s “The Bedrooms of Our Friends” concluded with Stephen announcing his proposal to Lucy during Bree and Evan’s engagement celebration.

But not to Diana in the way that everyone expected. Stephen’s engagement to…Lydia is revealed when his fiancee arrives at the reception and has an awkward welcome with Lucy.

Who is Lydia being referred in the episodes of ‘Tell Me Lies’?

You might recall this if you’ve been paying attention to the series so far. However, the turn of events is so unexpected that we can well comprehend your bewilderment.

What follows is a complete and comprehensive guide to Stephen’s new girlfriend. Natalee Linez portrayed Lucy’s best childhood friend, Lydia Montgomery.

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I use the past tense, “was,” because it’s apparent that they’ve reconciled their differences and are back in touch once again. What transpired after Lucy’s freshman year with Lydia and Stephen is unknown. However, Lydia made multiple appearances throughout the series, including the pilot, where she famously said, “Don’t worry.

“One day, a guy will burrow through your flesh and rot, and I’ll laugh at him.”

In Season 5’s “Merry F*cking Christmas” Episode 5, Lydia made another noteworthy appearance when she and Lucy went back to their childhood home to celebrate the holidays together.

Episode 5 revealed that Lydia was well-known in high school for her “dainty, ladylike” joint rolling and relationship with Rob. Lydia confided in Lucy after Rob’s affair with Laura, and the two of them crashed his party, where Lucy slapped Rob in the face on her behalf.

Lucy told Lydia over winter break that she had feelings for Stephen, so Lydia already knew that she was seriously into him. Whoa, chick, what gives? So, what happened?

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Lydia is mentioned multiple times in the final act. Lucy promises Stephen a position at the front desk of a country club because Lydia’s dad is on the board there once he finishes school. Stephen becomes irritable and tells her he thinks working the front desk is beneath him.

Lucy later phones Lydia from her dorm room to tell her she misses her before she leaves for the summer. Having finally gotten away from Rob and his “bullshit,” Lydia says she is relieved to be single again.

I can’t believe how long I put up with him treating me like garbage. She tells Lucy, “I feel so much better now.”

Is it possible that Lucy introduces Lydia to Stephen over the summer, then follows in her footsteps and ends her relationship with Stephen because of his treatment of her? Whether or not there will be a Season 2 is still up in the air.

During their conversation on the unexpected ending, Decider and showrunner Meaghan Oppenheimer discussed how the Lydia twist wasn’t in the novel but was included in her original TV pitch.

Before I was hired by Hulu, that was the end of my proposal. She went on to say, “And then he turns up with Lydia,” describing her reaction.

The thought crossed my mind, “Who’s the weirdest person he could show up with?” And I seriously doubt that anyone will see that coming, which makes me very happy.

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We most certainly did not expect this. That’s exactly right.

Exactly what caused Stephen and Diana to call it quits? When Will We Find Out What Befell Stephen and Lucy?

When we last saw Stephen, he was a college student who had abandoned Lucy and was running away from the Hawaiian Party with his girlfriend, Diana.

We all figured Stephen and Diana would get engaged after he spent the summer in the city working as a paralegal for Diana’s father’s law company. They dated all through the rest of the year (partially out of convenience for Stephen).

Yet, it appears that the couple split up at some point. Oppenheimer has promised that, should the program be renewed for Season 2, she will address our many questions about Stephen, Lucy, Diana, and Lydia.

To continue seeing college is still the plan if we get Season 2, which I hope we do. I plan on staying in school for the entire four years.

Thus, all the mysteries where people wonder, “How the hell did that happen?” All of these topics will be explored in depth:

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What led to Stephen and Lydia’s relationship? What happened to his friendship with Diana? How long has it been since Lucy and Steven really spent time together?

It wasn’t the Hawaiian party because… “There’s a lot more knotting up,” she remarked. That wasn’t the last time they split up, and I don’t think.

And so, sure, I do have a full schedule. Recently, I got together with a few of the writers, and we discussed all the wild ideas we had.

Tell Me Lies, Season 1, is available online on Hulu.

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