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DJ Brownskin Video Recording Her Wife’s Suicide Sparks Heavy Outrage

In a deeply disturbing turn of events, a video featuring Kenyan musician DJ Brownskin, whose real name is Michael Macharia Njiri, has recently resurfaced online. The harrowing footage shows the artist recording his wife, Sharon Njeri Mwangi, as she consumes a lethal concoction. Although the video did not initially surface at the time of Mwangi’s passing in July last year, its reemergence has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation.

DJ Brownskin, a popular musician with a massive social media following, has now found himself at the center of a firestorm of criticism. While law enforcement has yet to release a statement on Mwangi’s tragic death, the public outcry has been deafening.

[Trigger Warning: The article involves discussion of suicide. Reader’s discretion is advised.]

The video in question shows Mwangi ingesting a poisonous substance, apparently encouraged by her husband, DJ Brownskin. As she writhes in pain, one of the couple’s children can be seen trying to help her. The video ends before Mwangi’s eventual passing.

Many questions remain unanswered, including how the video found its way online and whether DJ Brownskin coerced his wife into consuming the deadly mixture or played a role in her demise. As of now, the cause of Sharon Mwangi’s death has not been made public.

As the story unfolds, the world watches, horrified and heartbroken, as the unsettling footage leaves a lasting impact on those who have viewed it. The tragedy serves as a sobering reminder of the darkness that can lurk beneath the surface of a seemingly picture-perfect life.

Brownskin Has Never Clarified But Has Addressed Her Late Wife From Time To Time

Despite the overwhelming backlash and controversy surrounding the recently resurfaced video involving Kenyan musician DJ Brownskin and his late wife Sharon Njeri Mwangi, Brownskin has not commented on the matter. However, he has previously addressed his wife’s passing and paid tribute to her memory on several occasions.

According to BNN Kenya, DJ Brownskin’s wife was caught red-handedly multiple times sleeping with his bestfriend. He has tried to resolve these issues but whenever he used to bring this up, she threatened him to take her own life.

In August 2022, while mourning Mwangi, Brownskin shared an emotional message reflecting on the challenges he faced in the aftermath of her death. He expressed his determination to move forward, leaning on the support of his friends, family, and children, while also seeking solace in his faith.

Later in December 2022, Brownskin took to social media to celebrate Mwangi’s birthday, honoring her memory and sharing his love for her. He acknowledged the void left by her passing and committed to cherishing their memories together.

The tragic story underscores the importance of mental health support and the need for individuals to seek help when faced with emotional challenges. Counsellors, medics, and psychologists encourage those struggling with mental health issues to reach out for assistance. In Kenya, the Red Cross provides a toll-free hotline, 1199, for those in need of support.

As the public tries to make sense of the disturbing video, it is essential to remember that mental health is a critical component of overall well-being. In times of crisis, reaching out for help can have a significant impact.

The Video Has Sparked Social Media Outrage Since It Surfaced Online

The internet community is in an uproar following the dissemination of a deeply troubling video involving popular musician, DJ Brownskin. The viral clip, which depicts the artist standing idly by while his wife takes her final breaths, has sparked a fierce debate over moral responsibility and the potential legal implications of such an act.

Social media users were quick to voice their shock and disgust at Brownskin’s decision to document his wife’s tragic demise rather than provide assistance or comfort. Numerous concerned netizens have called on law enforcement to investigate the events leading up to the chilling video and hold the musician accountable for his actions, should they be deemed criminally negligent.

Adding fuel to the fire, an image of Brownskin attending his wife’s funeral has been widely circulated on social media platforms. The photograph, which shows the DJ casually dressed in sunglasses, a jacket, and a t-shirt bearing his late wife’s likeness, has been deemed distasteful and disrespectful by many online commentators.

As of the time of writing, Brownskin has yet to publicly address the video or the backlash that has ensued. In the wake of his wife’s passing, the artist shared a family photo on his official Instagram page, accompanied by a heartfelt caption.


The circumstances surrounding the death of Brownskin’s wife, Mwangi, remain murky and warrant further investigation. Constitutional lawyer Bobby Mkangi weighed in on the issue, discussing the admissibility of the controversial video as evidence in a potential legal proceeding.

Mwangi was laid to rest on August 6, 2022, in her father’s hometown of Koimbe Weithaga Village. As the dust settles on this tragic event and the public outcry continues, it’s clear that the actions of DJ Brownskin have struck a nerve in the realm of entertainment and pop culture, prompting difficult questions about the role of personal responsibility in today’s digital age.

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