Cody Rigsby Announces Breakup With Andres Alfaro

Cody Rigsby Announces Breakup With Andres Alfaro after Their 4 year of Relationship

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Cody Rigsby and Andres Alfaro broke up after being together for almost four years. They no longer go out together.

People break up all the time. It’s never easy to think of a relationship as a failure, whether you’re the one getting dumped or the one trying to figure out how to tell the other person you don’t want to be with them anymore.

Fans want to know if a third person was involved after hearing that Rigsby and Alfaro had a fight. People are talking about whether they broke up or are keeping their relationship private in the comments on their social media posts.

Read on to find out more about how long they’ve been together and why they broke up recently.

Cody Rigsby and Andres Alfaro may no longer be together. The reason why they broke up

Cody Rigsby and Andres Alfaro are no longer together, but it’s not clear when they broke up.

According to rumors on Twitter, Rigsby and Alfaro broke up because of him. But neither has told the public that they are now single.

Based on their Instagram timeline, it looks like they broke up in April of this year.

They both stopped following the other person on Instagram. They have even gone to great lengths to remove the tag from photos of the two of them that were uploaded before.

They did not get rid of the pictures. This is probably because they don’t want their fans to know that they are no longer together.

Fans started to think that they had broken up when neither of them posted pictures of the other on social media for a while.

Who does Cody Rigsby go on dates with? Has he moved on already?

cody and andres
cody and andres

Andrés Alfaro used to be with Cody Rigsby. Now, he works as a fitness instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp. Alfaro is a skilled General Manager who has worked in the health, wellness, and fitness industry for a long time.

He has a bachelor’s degree in community health from Hunter College and is skilled in the Fitness Industry, Operations Management, Talent Management, Leadership, Quality Control, and Customer Service.

Even though they stopped following each other on Instagram months ago, neither of them has said that they are now single.

But since they were together for about four years, it takes time to move on with someone else, especially since telling the public about their relationship for the first time was hard.

It took them about two years to be sure they were in love and announce it to the world, where people could comment and criticize. Even if they have moved on with someone else, they have kept it a secret.

Is Cody Rigsby Single?

Cody Rigsby is single now that he and his partner of four years, Andres Alfaro, are no longer together.

Cody is a well-known dancer and fitness teacher from the United States. Rigsby got jobs with Katy Perry, Pitbull, and Saturday Night Live after he graduated from college. He also worked in a few nightclubs and gay bars.

He danced with Nicki Minaj at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2011.

In 2018, he started dating Andrés Alfaro, but they didn’t tell anyone about it until March 2020. And as of April 2022, it looks like they are no longer together.

In a past interview with Vogue, the Peloton coach talked about how his relationship with his partner got better after they told everyone about it.

Since they said they loved each other out loud, they have gone on vacations and to live sports games together and posted pictures of themselves on social media.

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