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Mick Thomson’s Weight Loss Photo Revealed: Check out His Incredible Transformation

Michael Gordon “Mick” Thomson is an American heavy metal musician who was born on November 3, 1973. He was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and is most known for playing lead guitar in the metal band Slipknot, where he is referred to as member number 7.

Through their shared engagement in the death metal band Body Pit, Thomson first connected with founding members Anders Colsefni, Donnie Steele, and Paul Gray. Thomson eventually replaced Craig Jones in the band in 1996. Since Joey Jordison left Slipknot in 2013, Thomson has been the band’s third longest-serving member. 

Mick Thomson’s Weight Loss Photo Revealed

Fans of Slipknot have noted that the band’s guitarist, Mick Thomson, has loss a significant amount of weight and looks fantastic while on tour in support of their wildly popular new album, “We Are Not Your Kind.” Recently, a rock legend severely insulted the father of a member of Slipknot.

Clown and Mick are both looking better than they ever have, and Corey Taylor’s voice and health are also getting better, according to a pseudo statistic. An excellent year for our sons. I’m glad to see he’s been able to get back into shape, wrote Lord Pestilence. I know, with his neck and back pain, which are both self-inflicted, I know, but fuck it, it can’t be easy.

Jay Weinberg recently expressed his pride in his work on We Are Not Your Kind on the podcast Outside the 9. “I do, yes. This is without a doubt some of the best music Slipknot has ever produced, and I’m especially proud of my own personal contribution to the album. I’m so proud of this record.”

Recently, footage of a member of Slipknot breaking a guitar surfaced. According to Weinberg, the recording procedure was “quite aggressive” in terms of its aggressiveness. “You mean we work in the studio for twelve hours a day, seven days a week? That’s brutal. We would repeatedly work on these tunes, and the writing was the same.”

Slipknot has a saying that “off is off and on is on, so the recording process for this album was really aggressive, very aggressive, our timeline was aggressive, and the days were hard. But nothing about this band is half-assed, though, so it yielded the best results.”

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