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The champion of the Pokemon world is Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum, the main character in a Japanese anime, won the Pokemon World Championship.

The excitement viewers felt when their favorite character became the most powerful Pokemon trainer in the world has not diminished in more than 25 years after the first episode aired.

A tweet from an official Pokemon account honoring Ash has quickly gone viral, garnering over 200,000 likes. Over 1,200 episodes of television have been produced in this franchise’s many iterations, from video games to television.
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Pokémon’s 25th anniversary,

The anime followed Ash Ketchum’s progress toward becoming a Pokemon Master since his tenth birthday in 1997 when he was given an electric mouse named Pikachu.

For the past quarter-century, his fans have watched him hone his skills to make him the most formidable Pokemon trainer ever. Pokemon trainers in the show capture mythological creatures called pocket monsters and pit them against one another in battle.

With Pokémon’s 25th anniversary comes a surge in demand for trading cards. To be a loser is acceptable, I learned from playing Pokemon.

The original Japanese Game Boy game inspired not only an animated TV series but also a trading card game, over twenty films, and an abundance of merchandising, from pogs (collectible cardboard discs) to plush toys.

Ash’s mission to collect eight gym badges and enter the Pokemon League is the primary plot point of most anime seasons.

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The End of Hostilities,

In the most current series, Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, Ash has been exploring the world rather than remaining there.

During the Orange Islands season, Ash won the Orange League, and in Pokemon Sun and Moon, he won the Alola League. Therefore, Ash needed to compete against and beat tricky trainers worldwide to win the World Championship.

Ash’s final battle with the former world champion Leon spanned four episodes. Popular characters from previous seasons of the anime returned, including Brock, Misty, and Dawn. And her American voice actor, Sarah Natochenny, posted on Twitter: “YESSSS!!! Many of the show’s adult fans tweeted their “passion” after seeing the finale, with one writing, “our son is the absolute greatest like no one ever has been!!!!”. “

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It is not yet confirmed if Ash and Pikachu will return for the anime’s next season.

Each new generation of Pokemon video games accompanies a brand-new season of anime. The latest Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet, could be released on November 18th.