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Russian forces leave Kherson in confusion as Ukrainian troops advance

Crowds of ecstatic citizens hailed Ukraine’s armed troops as they approached Kherson’s center, as Russia’s departure from the essential strategic city looked to have devolved into anarchy. 

“Historic day”,

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, celebrated a “historic day” on Friday evening, confirming that special forces troops were already in the city and others were stationed on its outskirts. “We are in the process of reclaiming Kherson,” he declared in a video message. 

Many citizens, some of whom were in tears, had gathered earlier to meet the first troops to arrive in the city center, hugging the approaching Ukrainian soldiers.

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Kherson in jubilation, 

Two guys hurled a female soldier while shouting, “Glory to the ZSU!” One man wept while others waved Ukrainian flags. Kherson residents waved a blue-and-yellow flag in jubilation.

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According to Ukraine’s defense ministry, troops are reaching Kherson. 

It warned that any attack on Ukrainian forces would be repelled by its artillery, which could see Russia’s escape routes. 

Russian soldiers fled in bewilderment from Kherson, the only major city Moscow had secured in nine months of fighting, while Ukrainian forces surged in from the periphery. 

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Russia’s worst war defeat was Kherson’s freedom. Images of Russian soldiers leaving a bridge over the Dnipro River went viral, and the country’s defense ministry admitted 30,000 personnel left. 

Vladimir Putin grabbed Kherson and three additional regions six weeks ago. Locals waved flags as Ukrainian tanks and soldiers approached Kherson on Friday. Those who fled Russian captivity welcomed Kherson’s freedom across Ukraine. 

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Olena Kovalenko told the Guardian, “This is the finest day ever.” Happy-crying! Not so soon. Miss family.” One Russian soldier stated specific battalions were told to evacuate by whatever means possible after a Ukrainian official claimed some Russian troops perished while trying to cross.

“Your order left you to fate…o”

Ukrainian intelligence encouraged any remaining Russian troops to surrender as Ukrainian forces “are attacking the city.” “Your order left you to fate. You’re told to flee Kherson in civilian clothing. Obviously. Intelligence says, “No.” 

Despite advancing towards Kherson, the army engaged retreating soldiers across the Dnieper. 

In Mylove, a Guardian journalist spotted 40 Ukrainian armored vehicles, including T-72 tanks, moving toward Kakhovka and Nova Kakhovka. The Antonovsky Bridge, its pontoon, and a nearby railway bridge were blown up after the Russian defense ministry claimed the evacuation was complete. 

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Images of the retreat showed Russian forces crossing the Antonivskiy pontoon, columns of vehicles, and captured soldiers. All employees and equipment have been moved east, according to the ministry’s daily briefing—Friday at 5 a.m. Moscow time (2 a.m. GMT), the withdrawal was completed. 

The Kremlin denies Putin’s humiliation over withdrawal. Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, claimed Kherson is Russian, who fell to Russian soldiers after Putin proclaimed a “special military operation” in Ukraine in February. International critics criticised Russia’s September seizure.

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Serhiy Khlan, a spokeswoman for the Kherson regional council, claimed some Russian servicemen had donned civilian clothing. He warned people to stay indoors as Ukrainian forces searched the region. When the Russians withdrew, partisans hoisted a giant Ukrainian flag in Kherson’s city center, but civilians stayed home owing to rumors that Ukrainian special forces had invaded.

Ukrainian estimates imply half of the Russian forces had crossed the river by Thursday evening. Russian social media footage shows several units panicking as they flee. Residents tore down pro-Russian propaganda posters and hailed advancing Ukrainian troops as they moved from three directions.

Russia declared Wednesday it would withdraw from the Dnipro’s west bank, which includes Kherson. Those who compare this to Borodino or anything else may go fuck themselves. Tell those who think things will get better to fuck off. In one unit, that’s name is hidden, the last command was to change into civilian clothes and run out.

Other Russian social media sites called some soldiers waiting to cross “panicked” because they feared attacks on the new Russian defense lines on the east bank of the Dnipro.

Ukraine warned Russia’s withdrawal would take longer, 

Oleksii Reznikov told Reuters in Kyiv that Russia still has troops near Kherson and on Dnipro’s west bank despite a withdrawal.

“Kherson can’t be evacuated in two days. One week. “He said Russia’s efforts are hard to predict, and Kyiv is focused on its plan.

The sacrificed souls shall never be forgotten and the killing will never be forgiven by God…..