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“Man-Thing”: His MCU Future Explained

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been developing in several fascinating ways recently, with the supernatural subset receiving increased attention. When the first monsters and monster hunters entered the MCU in the Disney+ Halloween Special Werewolf by Night, it was a watershed moment for the genre.


Some of the most anticipated characters to debut were Jack Russell, called Werewolf by Night, and his closest buddy Ted, or Man-Thing. While their on-screen time together is limited to one Disney+ Special, many Marvel fans consider the two a legendary monster team.

Man-Thing stole Werewolf’s spotlights.

Since Werewolf at Night stands alone, the special may have left viewers wondering when they’ll see these characters again and who the heck was that Man-Thing that seemed to steal all of his spotlights.

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Which Marvel character is known as Man-Thing, and who is he?

Dr. Ted Sallis devised the SO-2 Serum to mimic the Super Soldier Serum, which turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. Belasco, the evil sorcerer, added magical upgrades to this effort.

Sallis took the serum and smashed his automobile while drunk. Brilliant doctor became Man-Thing, and swamp became the Nexus of All Realities.

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“Burns frightened people”

Sallis lost his brain and became a vegetable-based monster during the change. “Whoever knows terror burns at the touch of the Man-Thing” is his mantra. He’s nearly indestructible, readily flexible, and can burn frightened people.

Man-Thing stayed on the good side and became the Nexus Guardian. Man-Thing is being introduced during the Multiverse Saga, indicating that Marvel Studios plans for him to play a crucial part in the MCU.

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Man-Marvel Thing’s place is unclear,

Werewolf by Night gave Man-life Thing’s MCU background. In 2014’s Agents of SHIELD, Maria Hill asks, “Who or what is a Man-Thing?” This suggests SHIELD watched the monster before it collapsed.

Man-Thing is a Champion of Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok. Man-Thing was the Grandmaster’s champion like Hulk, but how long ago and what brought him to Sakaar are mysteries.

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In 2025, Verussa Bloodstone grabbed Man-Thing to serve as the target of a monster hunt and affixed the Bloodstone gem to him as the reward. Jack Russell saved Man-Thing, nicknamed Ted.

Jack has saved Ted from trouble numerous times in their long friendship. Working with Elsa Bloodstone, Jack freed Man-Thing from captivity and removed the Bloodstone from him.

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Man-Thing returned to save Elsa Bloodstone and demonstrate his ability to burn people, including Verussa Bloodstone. Later, he rejoined Jack Russell and was last seen in the jungle.

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Man-Role Thing’s in the MCU

The pressure was ramped up when Kevin Feige suggested including Man-Thing in the Disney+ special, according to Werewolf by Night director Michael Giacchino.

The head of Marvel Studios has a plan for the Man-MCU Thing because he suggested the character’s introduction. It’s impossible to see Giacchino’s Man-Thing from Werewolf by Night being used more than once, given how expensive it was to create.

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The next attraction at Avengers Campus puts the heroes of the Multiverse against King Thanos and features appearances from Werewolf by Night and Man-Thing in the promotional artwork. With so many major MCU players in one photo, it’s not hard to imagine future battles between these two beasts.

Marvel Studios is keen on incorporating the monster duo into the MCU. Feige has promised that this couple and their monster friends would “ultimately become quite essential to the MCU” in this special’s reality.

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A creator said, “We’re constructing a world that will become vital to the MCU… we wanted to explore new individuals and parts of the MCU with this bizarre, thrilling, and horrifying supernatural perspective.”

No significant role was played by the Man-Multiversal Thing’s ties in Werewolf by Night, but they may become necessary in later phases. Since his first appearance in the MCU took place during the Multiverse Saga, the Nexus of All Realities might play a role in any future appearances he makes.

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As part of his investigation into the Multiverse,

Dr. Erik Selvig visited the Nexus of All Realities in Thor: The Dark World.Maybe the Avengers will use the Nexus of All Realities to go about the Multiverse while they battle Kang. Since the monster combo was last seen together at the end of the Disney+ special, a trip to the Florida swamp may potentially lead them to see Man-Thing and even Werewolf by Night.

When can we expect to see Man-Thing again?

Since Werewolf by Night was never advertised as a pilot for a longer-form Disney+ show, it’s challenging to know when we’ll see these characters again. However, because of the positive reception, Marvel Studios may decide to make a sequel, series, or theatrical film for Disney+ or even a theatrical release.

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Rumors circulated that Marvel Studios planned to produce a scary Halloween special featuring Man-Thing. Next Halloween, this might replace Werewolf by Night, albeit it’s possible that the Man-Thing special wasn’t original and was just a rehash of what had come before.

However, if Werewolf by Night was meant to be a one-off by Marvel Studios, one must consider what future projects they may appear in. Of course, another Marvel Cinematic Universe supernatural adventure is the most obvious choice, with the best potential being in Moon Knight Season 2 or Blade.

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The fact that Werewolf by Night and Man-Thing are fighting with the Avengers and the other main heroes against King Thanos might be seen as a sign that they will soon join the fight against the Mad Titan. As part of The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, they may even take up arms against Kang the Conqueror.

Source: The Direct & Marvel (Twitter)