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New ‘She-Hulk’ Finale Footage Shows Jennifer Walters Looking for Hulk King

The last episode of She-Hulk is coming up, and Nikki is determined to find the people behind Intelligencia who hurt her best friend, Jen. In a new clip, after everything went wrong for Tatiana Maslany‘s character Jennifer Walters at the gala, she is seen putting together clues on a whiteboard to find out who is behind the secret organisation.

Then, Nikki (Ginger Gongaza) says that the group is made up of “only dumb dudes” and that one of them is going to make a mistake and give them enough information to find the Hulk King. She does, however, tell Jen that if she finds the people behind the website, she should kill them “by any means.”

People thought that Jameela Jamil‘s social media-savvy character Titania was the show’s villain. Still, it turns out that Hulk King, who runs the personal website Intelligencia, is really trying to mess with Jen’s life. The trailer for the finale episode also showed that Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Abomination would fight again after a long time (Tim Roth).

Emil Blonsky was the first person She-Hulk helped. So far, he has been a peaceful person. After her heart is broken, She-Hulk gets a clear head at his hideout, where she meets other bad guys. What makes him turn back into Abomination is still unknown.

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In the last episode, Charlie Cox made his first appearance on Disney+ as lawyer Matt Murdock and then as Daredevil in his new yellow and red suit. This was made possible by the series.

The “fun lawyer show” on Disney+, which was made by Jessica Gao, has been on the air for a long time. Throughout the series, we meet many strange characters, like Mr Immortal and Leap-Frog, who are now in legal battles that are handled by GLK&H’s superhuman law division, which is led by Jennifer Walters as She-Hulk.

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The pace of the show is excellent, and we get a good MCU origin story for She-Hulk as well as another character who breaks the fourth wall. The show also got a lot of attention because it featured fan-favourite characters like Wong (Benedict Wong), Daredevil, and Professor Hulk, as well as likeable ones like Madisynn King (Patty Guggenheim).

Now, fans are curious to see the real man behind Hulk King, and they agree with Nikki that he should be killed “by any means necessary.” The last episode will air on October 13. Check out the new video clip below:


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