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‘El Dragon Season 3’ Renewed Or Cancelled At Netflix? Spoiler, Expect From Season 3 & More Deatils


The return of Netflix’s multi-cultural Spanish criminal drama El Dragon for Season 3 has piqued interest among fans. On his way to becoming the world’s most powerful drug trafficker, the protagonist encounters Mexican, American, Italian, Russian, and Japanese civilizations.

Arturo Perez-Reverte, who worked for Televisa and Univision, developed El Dragon. In May of this year, the show was initially announced. Netflix and Televisa collaborated to produce the Show. After then, the TV network showed the entire 82-episode season at once.

The show centres on Miguel Garza, whose grandpa has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and who is offered the position of the family head. Because he’s been a successful banker for the majority of his life, Miguel isn’t familiar with the drug transportation family company. But he has a charismatic demeanour, and people tend to pay attention to him.

Miguel always gets what he wants because of his charisma and persuasion. To make matters worse, Miguel must deal with the Russians, the Italian Mafia and the American government as he tries to reunite with his two siblings. So, will Season 3 of El Dragon have additional appearances by Miguel? Learn more in the next paragraphs.

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Is ‘El Dragon Season 3’ Renewed By Netflix?

There is no word yet from Netflix on whether or not a third season is in the works. Netflix has yet to make an official statement on the show’s future. In the meanwhile, the show’s ratings have been good. Mexico’s most-watched television show was also a hit. For this reason, there is optimism that El Dragon Season 3 may be in the works.

The first two seasons of the show were filmed at the same time between November 2018 and July 2019. A total of 82 episodes were created during this time period and broadcast over the course of two seasons. It’s possible that Netflix will approve of a third series if the filmmakers believe they have more stories to tell. In addition, the epidemic has severely impacted the production schedules of other Netflix productions. As a result, fans should expect renewal from Netflix in the near future as the projects are getting back on track.

Previous Season Plot:

The narrative starts in Ciudad Jimenez. An attack on Miguel’s parents, Roberto and Luca Garza, kills them, but he, his brother, and sister survive. As a result, Capo Lamberto Garza decides to protect his grandchildren and sends Miguel (Miguel) to study outside of Mexico to become a successful businessman, while keeping Chisca (Cassandra Sánchez Navarro) at his side at the ranch where he lives and controls the largest drug transport in the region of Mexico.

After 20 years, Miguel lives peacefully in Japan with his beloved Asya. He is also a successful investor. But suddenly he gets a phone from Dora, his grandpa Lamberto’s wife, telling him he had to get to Mexico immediately because it is life or death. When Miguel returns to Ciudad Jimenez, Mexico, he discovers his grandfather has Alzheimer’s and is frail. Following this, Lamberto informs Miguel that he must handle the family business and that he has 24 hours to accept the post of family cartel leader. Miguel accepts the position as the new leader of his family’s cartel without complaint, but he does not pretend to be a drug dealer; he sees the position as a challenge, because he believes he can turn the family business into something else, like making money circulate around the world to make large legal financial investments.

But it’s his wife Asya who convinces him to take the job after realising she has a fatal disease. Miguel will suffer a horrific duel and lose his heart. Or so he thinks until he meets Adela (Renata Notni), the cheery and selfless cab driver, who, unlike Asya, is not impressed by his wealth or tycoon image, but challenges him to look in the mirror and determine who he truly is. Miguel must now adjust to the mafia and narco world because he is a samurai fighter, heals wounds with old millenary ways, and speaks many languages. During his adventure, Miguel will be abducted in Colombia, fight horrible Russian cartels, evade the attacks of the mighty Italian mafia, avoid being captured by the gringos, and come to the power of the Japanese Yakuza.

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What to Expect From El Dragon Season 3?

El Dragon season
El Dragon season


After his grandfather was afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease in the previous season, Miguel took over the family company. His family gave him the opportunity to lead, and he accepted it. Several members of the family’s company were involved in drug delivery. However, he aims to turn his family into one of the world’s most powerful financial institutions following his recent battles with the drug trade. This means that viewers will finally get to watch Miguel’s idea come to fruition. In addition, if El Dragon Season 3 happens, he’ll have to deal with some terrifying foes along the way.

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