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Howard Stern criticises Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks: ‘He is like Hitler’

Howard Stern is talking about Kanye West‘s hateful comments about Jews. On the Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, he talked about West’s comments and how he has kept supporting them in a series of interviews.

The SiriusXM host said, “I almost don’t want to give any energy to this Kanye West character,” “I don’t know much about Kanye West,” who has bipolar disorder, she said.

“I am not a big fan of rap, but he is… People always try to explain away his bad behavior by saying, “Well, he is just crazy.”

His co-host Robin Quivers said, “So was Hitler, and someone elected him to run a country.”

Stern said that “a lot of media organizations” were paying attention to Ye’s “wacky, antisemitic rant” after he said earlier this month that he would go “death con three on Jewish people.”

He has talked to Tucker Carlson, Chris Cuomo, and Piers Morgan, among others, from Fox News, and “rightly so” because they are “exposing him.” Stern said that he had to deal with antisemitism as a Jewish child.

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People would start fights with him. “Groups of people with chains would hit me because they had been taught that Jews are evil and killed Jesus. What the…? I did not kill Jesus.”

On Monday, he talked about West’s appearance on Cuomo’s show and said, “Good lord, you have to hear what this guy is into. And forget about mental illness and self-defense… “Oh, he is just crazy, do not worry about it,” they said.

Stern asked why, if West is “so mentally ill,” they do not put someone in charge of his money as they did with poor Britney Spears. Who was mentally ill, do you know?

The person who opened fire on a synagogue in Pittsburgh. If he is that crazy, let us put him in a hospital already.” Stern showed bits and pieces of Cuomo’s interview.

West went on a rant in one about how the “Jewish underground media mafia” had canceled his show because he wore a White Lives Matter shirt to his Yeezy show this month.

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He was also upset that the media only called him a “billionaire” and not an “inventor,” “visionary,” or “rapper.” Stern said, “Guess what, douchebag,”

“They call me “the shock jock” when they write about me. You can not do anything about it. You are a rapper. You are just that. That is how you get to be known.

If a newspaper article does not mention that you are a designer or genius, it might not be because the writer is Jewish, but because he does not care much about who the f*** you are and what you do.

Stern said that the whole thing was “so sad” and that Kanye used to be fun and crazy, but now he is like Hitler. He also said that Jewish people only make up “2.4% of the total U.S. population,” adding, “I don’t think they’re your problem, Kanye.”

Jon Stewart said on the same day that it is “mind-blowing” how easily antisemitic comments come “from people’s mouths.” He said on his podcast that “antisemitic” no longer means much.

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It is just strange, this Jew-hating nonsense.” Stewart, who was also raised Jewish, said that West lumped all Jews into one group but saw each non-Jew as a unique person.

He said, “If you are Jewish, then you’re part of the Jewish mafia,” “But if you’re not, then you’re just a guy who is a d*** to him in business.”

Stern and Stewart have spoken out against West’s comments, as have Jamie Lee Curtis, John Legends, and Sarah Silverman. However, West still says them.

He went on Piers Morgan Uncensored on Wednesday and gave what we will call a “partial apology” for the “death con three on Jewish people” comment.

Morgan asked West if he was sorry for what he said, and West said, “No. “No way,” they said over and over again.

He said, “Yes, I fought fire with fire.” when asked if he knew what he said was racist. West did say later in the interview, “I will say I am sorry to the people I hurt with the DEFCON comment…

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I felt like I hurt people and messed things up. I feel bad for the families of people who had nothing to do with the bad things that happened to me.

In another part, he yelled about how stupid it was that President Biden did not meet with billionaire Elon Musk. He admitted that he used a derogatory word that was offensive and out of date, but he did not apologize.

“I know I’m not supposed to say that, Biden, but that’s f***ing retarded.”

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