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Renewed Or Cancelled “I’m Not Okay With This Season 2”, Cast, Spoilers, Plot & Everything We Know So Far


An adaptation of the Charles Forsman comic book, “I Am Not Okay with This” is an original Netflix series that follows a young girl who is dealing with family issues, high school concerns, and her own unique skills. Still reeling from the loss of her father, she is unable to put her life back together. Every now and again, she finds herself endowed with extraordinary abilities that she has no idea how they came to be. In addition to all of this, she harbours an unrequited romantic infatuation with Dina, her best friend.

“I Am Not Okay with This” season 1 premiered to critical praise, and the show has already been renewed for a second season. It was widely lauded for the performances of Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff in the cast. A large audience was captivated by the story of Sydney and her superpowers, and they are eagerly anticipating the show’s second season. A second season of “I Am Not Okay with This,” on the other hand, seems unlikely. What do you think?

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I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 Renewed By Netflix?

On February 26, 2021, the streaming service released all seven episodes of the first part. Netflix also agreed to make a second season of the show in 2020, soon after the first one aired. However, the pandemic had a major impact on the show’s plans. So in August 2020, Netflix decided to end the second season of “I Am Not Okay With This.” This means that the show has been officially cancelled. However, because the covid isn’t very clear, fans can expect the streaming company to think about their choice.

If the show gets a lot of attention from the viewers, several other networks might want to pick it up. After the show was renewed, the show’s creators worked on the storyline. People who watch the show if another network picks it up can expect to see the second instalment in a short time.

How Did The First Season End?

Sydney ultimately revealed her talents when Brad stole her journal and read it aloud at the school dance. He learned about Sydney’s love for Dina and her domestic difficulties. Sydney then lost her mind with rage and ended up blowing Brad’s head off, instantly killing him. She ultimately fled into the woods and climbed a watchtower. She saw a figure emerge from the shadows and inform her that they should be feared by everyone.

i'm not okay with this
i’m not okay with this

Thus, the second episode would have revealed the name of this enigmatic man and Sydney’s connection to him. Additionally, the guy may have aided Sydney in gaining control of her abilities and maximising their effectiveness in I Am Not Okay With This Season 2.

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Why Did Netflix Cancel The Show?

Netflix’s timetable was thrown into disarray as a result of the sudden production halts. The uncertainty around production dates, the difficulty of managing the cast, and unanticipated budget hikes all contributed to the cancellation. According to Netflix’s announcement, the company had to make the tough choice to cancel the second instalments of I Am Not Okay With This and The Society.

The Executive Producer Of The Show Discusses His Experience And Expectations

The show’s extended play According to Shawn Levy was never guaranteed further seasons. Jonathan, along with the rest of the team, viewed the show as a unique and resonant piece of storytelling. By the end of the first season, while the stranger’s identity remains unclear, the drama has built up ominous undercurrents. As a result, he was pleased with their accomplishments and optimistic about the show’s future. As a result, we may anticipate a second season if the show is picked up by another network.

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Who Could Be The Cast Next Season?

Stanley Barber will be played by Wyatt Oleff, Dina by Sofia Bryant, and Maggie Novak by Kathleen Rose Perkins are likely to return. Also slated to feature in the upcoming season are Richard Ellis, David Theune, Zachary S Williams, and Aidan Wojtak-Hissong. If I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 is picked up, some new and returning cast members are also likely to join the cast.

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