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Jeffrey Dahmer Series ‘Monster’ Debuts on Nielsen Top 10 With 10th Biggest Streaming Week Ever

Ryan Murphy’s limited-edition series Monster, starring Evan Peters as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, debuted on Nielsen’s Weekly Streaming Rankings with 3.7 billion minutes watched from September 19-25. did.
This not only made it the No. 1 viewing window for his program but also made it his 10th most streamed program in his week ever charted by Nielsen.
“Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story."

The Series Was Available On Netflix For Just Four Days After Airing On April 9, Earning Its Chart Position. 21, In The Middle Of The Viewing Window.

This achievement is notable, but not surprising. Nielsen released her streaming rankings four weeks behind her, but according to figures reported by Netflix itself, “Monster” was the company’s ninth most-watched English-language TV series. After its first week of being available, it entered its second week and became the second most-watched show of all time.
Jeffrey Dahmer's Series Monster on Nielsen Top with the 10th Biggest Streaming Week Ever

All Netflix titles have streamed for the largest 10 weeks in Nielsen history. Only the 2020 Tiger King, 2020 Ozark season 3, 2022 Ozark season 4 and 2022 Stranger Things season 4 have surpassed the Monster debut.

Given that the series debuted in the Netflix Top 10 with 196.2 million hours watched and then gained 299.8 million hours in its first week of availability, “Monster” will surpass itself next week, earning Nielsen could climb another spot on the all-time greats list.

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The Netflix And Nielsen Measurements Are Not Perfectly Comparable.

This is because the former measurement measures display on all regions and all devices, while the latter measurement measures display on US TV screens only.

Still, these discrepancies are unlikely to stop Nielsen’s measure of Monster viewership from growing any further. Monster has crossed the top spot of the weekly charts, but he has one series that didn’t chart at all. Here’s his Andor from the Disney+ series, the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise.

Dahmer: Monster' Debuts With Nielsen's Tenth Biggest Streaming Week Ever - Variety

On September 21, the series debuted with his three episodes, which together aired for approximately two hours. His 624 million minutes watched for the series were not enough to make it into the top 10 in the overall rankings, which included titles acquired elsewhere by streaming services after their premiere.

Nielsen is able to measure all U.S. viewing of “House of the Dragon” with its streaming rankings since the show lives exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, while an estimated one-third of “House of the Dragon” viewers remain uncounted on the chart thanks to HBO`s cable airings.

Conversely, “House of the Dragon” episodes debut on Sundays, meaning that they`re available for Nielsen`s entire viewing window and get the bonus of new episodes appearing at the end of the window, while the Friday release schedule for “The Rings of Power” means that new episodes are only available for the second half of the window.

Therefore, aided by its Sunday drops, this is the first time the “House of the Dragon” audience overpowered the streaming exclusivity and audience of “The Rings of Power.” Episode 5 of “House of the Dragon” debuted just before this viewing window began, and Episode 6 which included the show`s highly anticipated time jump became streamable a few hours before Nielsen stopped counting.

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The series nabbed that chart position with only four days of availability on Netflix, having debuted on Sept. 21, halfway through the viewing window. The accomplishment is considerable but unsurprising — Nielsen issues its streaming rankings with a four-week delay, whereas Netflix’s self-reported numbers indicated that “Monster” was the company’s No. 9 most-watched English-language TV series of all time after its first full week of availability, jumping to No. 2 most-watched ever in its second week.


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