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Maria Adams

Maria Adams is a researcher by day and part-time writer by night.…

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Hiya Chaudhary

Hiya Chaudhary is an Economics major at Miranda House. A…

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Aarohi Raina

Aarohi Raina is a Media enthusiast. She is a budding Journalist…

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Disha Deepa Jani

Disha Deepa Jani is a graduate in Journalism - Mass Media. A…

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Vini Waghela

Vini Waghela is a postgraduate student pursuing analytical…

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Maitri Shah

Maitri Shah is a Journalism - Mass Media student and is a budding…

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Aditi Bhardwaj

Hello there! I find salvation in writing, and so, I am here to…

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Nova Scotia Today has been a news source for Nova Scotians for 5 years. Our content provides visitors with the latest news concerning provincial issues as well as stories affecting Canada and the world.

Nova Scotia Today is widely respected for its focus on watchdog reporting, focusing on all levels of government.

The majority of our news is provided by staff writers. Contributors to our site are members of the Canadian Journalism Foundation.

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Business Upturn has been a news source with headquarter in Mumbai, India with a vision of providing high-quality and authentic content.

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Indian media company Business Upturn acquired’s business in June 2021.

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