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Delicate? A Recap of Survivor Season 43 Instead of Struggle

Another woman didn’t win. I’m surprised. Jeanine, our first juror, was the eighth person to be eliminated. Poor Jeanine has had a rough few episodes since her idol abandoned her for Dwight.

By the next week, news has spread that he has left the standard, and Jesse understands his wish to have Dwight removed from the island. Jesse, not Dwight, possesses Jeanine’s model, the season’s first big surprise and she has a secret ghost idol, and the Knowledge Is Power advantage is still possible, so he’s ready to make a dramatic move this season.

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Other former teammates from the Coco and Vesi teams have united with Visa to form a powerful alliance. Sami from Baka, Karla, Ryan, James, Cassidy from Coco, and Jesse and Cody from Vesi have all twice cast valid ballots. We’ve found no reason to incorporate Gabler into this team’s plans. He is close to Sami, but if the alliance turns to cannibalism, he will perish.


Even while seaside pop-up Outback Steakhouses and mansion stays are no longer options, food remains a driver. Jeff gives the tribe a sack of rice if five of the 11 competitors sit out the immunity challenge. With more onerous restrictions, they say it will last four days. It was simple to recruit five participants.

“You’re protected,” says James

Karla,James, and Jesse follow Sami’s example. James tells Owen he’s “safe” while the others seek for the last player to complete the deal. Owen is alert. James has gotten a few votes this season, but his effect is unclear. This year, everyone has a pledge. Owen knows he voted wrong for Elie and Dwight. Quick assertion of James, “You’re protected,” highlights his difficult situation. Cassidy is the final person to turn down Noelle’s offer. The five players that sat out are all majority alliance members and feel secure risking themselves for the tribe.

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Jeanine,Owen, Gabler, Noelle, Cody, and Ryan compete in Tribal tonight. Everyone defended Cody and removed Owen. Cody’s relationship, especially with Jesse, was key to the Dwight vote. Cody is safe tonight, but he wants to win to prove to his alliance that he has their support. Owen must win to stay awake. Owen has my support this season when everyone wants more drama. Owen won, and the alliance’s first strategy failed.

This episode’s honesty cut sparked pre-Tribal talk

This episode successfully edited dishonesty, leading to the most pre-Tribal conversation all season. The primary adversary is Owen, so Jeanine replaces him as the camp’s focus after everyone returns. Sami’s realization that seventh in an alliance meant seventh place helps Jeanine. Cassidy bringing up the gender disparity is a plus. Couldn’t they have eliminated another candidate before choosing Jeanine? Karla’s desire to free Ryan is not lost on Jeanine; she even tells her. Despite being a runner-up, Ryan goes fishing. He’s confident, unlike Ozzy Osbourne. He’ll keep facing difficulties and supporting the tribe for now.

What’s the endgame? Jeanine’s status looked up until Tribal Council.

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Jeff begins the debate by reaffirming the show’s core premise: what happens when you place a varied collection of strangers on an island? What are the incentives and punishments? They say “subtle” works best this season. We agree this season is fragmented. Cody, Ryan, and Gabler lead this perspective. They’re happy with their current pace and see no need to alter it. They’re doing so well that they don’t need to act strangely or go against societal norms.

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As a viewer, superfan, and woman, I find this annoying. Gabler’s statements, “If you’re becoming too pushy with games, you get jerked into line,” carry a sinister undertone after his retribution against Elie for peeking in his bag, which is frowned upon but not unheard of. Its fierce gameplay has lasted 43 seasons. They were removing potentially harmful and essential participants from the game. It’s ludicrous to imagine everyone would wait for Gabler to signal aggressive play before making their movements. Worse, women who play more aggressively risk are labeled.

Strategically, I’m bored when one alliance glides after a merger vote and picks out the opposing side one by one. No danger, no excitement. Sami may have betrayed Ryan and the coalition, so they eliminated Jeanine, who had no fans or idols.

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