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Jeff Probst announces Survivor 44’s premiere from his car

Longtime host Jeff Probst announced the launch date for “Survivor 44” in a social media video, even though the winner of “Survivor 43” has not yet been crowned.
You’ll want to put March 1, 2023, on your calendars since that is when CBS will begin airing the first episode of the next season. Additionally, this show will run for two hours. 

‘Survivor 44’ will air on March 1.

Hello, viewers of “Survivor”! From the safety of his car, host Jeff Probst makes an announcement. “I’m psyched about this week’s ‘Survivor’ show, and I hope you are, too!” I have some fantastic news to share with you. The debut of ‘Survivor 44’ will air on March 1. The first two hours are free. Meanwhile, know that ‘Survivor’ will continue with more information coming soon. I trust you’ll appreciate this week’s installment.

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Knowing that two seasons are shot quickly on the islands of Fiji, Season 44 began filming soon after Season 43 finished. Thus, the new castaways won’t know about the challenges existing competitors face, such as the new Beware Advantage that demands the finder to obtain specific beads from their fellow tribe members. 

“Survivor 43″…

The final round of “Survivor 43” has begun, and last week’s evicted player, Jeanine Zheng, has joined the jury as the first member. The following ten contestants—Cody Assenmacher, Cassidy Clark, Karla Cruz Godoy, Mike Gabler, James Jones, Owen Knight, Noelle Lambert, Sami Layadi, Jesse Lopez, and Ryan Medrano—are the last ones standing in the $1 million prize tournament. 

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Probst extinguished Jeanine’s flame, making her his eighth victim of the season. Moriah Young, Justine Brennan, Nneka Ejere, Lindsay Carmine, Geo Bustamante, Elisabeth “Elie” Scott, and Dwight Moore were the previous seven to be eliminated. This week’s video preview promises a double elimination on Wednesday, November 16, for the surviving castaways. What do you think?

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