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Ronald Flowers: Jeffrey Dahmer Survivor, What He Said About Serial Killer Experience.

The fifth episode of the Netflix series features Ronald Flowers, who is introduced as Ron.

Flowers was lured back to his grandmother’s house by Dahmer, who then drugged him with coffee and intended to kill him. However, Flowers’ grandmother overheard the encounter and stepped in to make sure Flowers was okay.

Ronald Flowers Now: Where is Jeffery Dahmer Survivor Now?
Flowers awakens in the hospital and calls the police to report the event. Despite being taken in for questioning, Dahmer was able to persuade the authorities that the two were dating. Despite Dahmer’s prior criminal convictions for sexual assault, nothing ever comes of Flower’s allegation, and he is set go.

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How did Ronald Flowers meet Jeffrey Dahmer?

Flowers, who was a resident of Lake County, Illinois, happened to run across Dahmer in Milwaukee in 1988. He had been dancing at the local nightclub, club 219. He had traveled to the city to see some pals.

Flowers’ car, however, broke down and wouldn’t start when he wanted to get into it to drive home, leaving him stranded since his buddies had already departed.
At this point, Dahmer steps in to play the role of the helpful neighbor, inviting Flowers to visit his grandmother’s house nearby so they may obtain another car to help him jump-start his.

Who is Ronald Flowers? Explaining How He Escaped Dahmer's Attempt to Kill  Him!

According to TheCinemaholic as presented in the Netflix series, Flowers ran saw Dahmer again at the same club a year later, but when questioned, Dahmer claims he doesn’t remember seeing Flowers.

What Has He Said About The Experience?

Flowers has avoided the spotlight and has never spoken about his experience once, in the film Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster.
Being drugged by Dahmer, according to him, was “sheer dread” and “a nightmare.”

In the documentary, he discussed how his underwear was turned inside out when he woke up in the hospital with a ligature mark around his neck.
Flowers said, “The last thing I saw was the floor and his shoes.” His last memory was of sipping the coffee, feeling lightheaded, then collapsing to the ground.

He claims that after reporting the assault to the police, he was informed that “it’s his word against your word.”
I stood up and yelled, “You’re going to catch this expletive,” I continued.

Where is Ronald Flowers now?

Flowers has avoided the media and rarely discusses his contact with Dahmer in public; his lone interview appears in the film Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster.

He reveals in it that he was a counselor at the Lake County Division of Mental Health while giving testimony at Dahmer’s trial.

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Who plays Ron Flowers In The Netflix series?

Dyllón Burnside, who is most known for playing Ricky Evangelista in Pose, takes on the role of Flowers.

Dyllón Burnside as Ronald Flowers in Dahmer. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Pic: Netflix)

The actor discussed his “challenging, emotional, and confronting” role in the Netflix series on Twitter.

He killed innocent people without the help of the police, according to his caption. However, their stories won’t be forgotten. Monster DAHMER: At midnight, The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will be available on Netflix. This one was extremely challenging, difficult, and confronting. I’m hoping that sharing Ronald’s experience helps people heal.

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