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Analysis of Inside Job 2, Now Streaming on Netflix

Reagan’s emotional life may be changing in Inside Job Part 2, but the deadlines and coping placebos are still piling up. Season 2 of the adult workplace animated comedy series, created by Shion Takeuchi and Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls) and Mike Hollingsworth (BoJack Horseman), has 8 episodes instead of 10.


Actors such as Lizzy Caplan, Christian Slater, Clark Duke, Tisha Campbell, John DiMaggio, Bobby Lee, and Brett Gelman reprise their roles as members of the former Cognito Inc. cast. Caplan’s Reagan may or may not have competition in the form of Adam Scott’s Ron Stadler.

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This review of Inside Job, Part 2, will not reveal any of the movie’s plot details.

I’m glad to see that Netflix has added several more mature-audience animated series this year, and that they’ve managed to keep their appeal in the sequels. Reagan’s anxiety about her father taking over as CEO of Cognito Inc. is picked up in the highly anticipated second season.

She considers every option available to her in her quest to overturn her father’s rule, and she even joins a new therapy group called “Anonymous Anonymous” that emerged in the wake of her father’s coup as a form of escape for many people.

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During her ordeal with a faked revolt that leads nowhere, she crosses paths with Ron Stadler of the competing corporation Illuminati. It’s not just that their responsibilities in the two parallel enterprises of the shadow government are dubious; it’s also that the stress of their work has broken them down emotionally and physically.


Throughout the season, our favorite office “Gang,” grows closer while saving the world and cramming in hilariously shocking (or are they?) conspiracies involving visually immortal A-list Hollywood stars and other topics.

Even though there are a lot of mysteries revealed during the season, Part 2 focuses on interpersonal conflicts and takes it easy on conspiracies in comparison to the first episode.

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You’ll find yourself falling for Reagan all over again after this season because of the richer portrayal of her multifaceted character. Reagan’s mutually platonic connection with Brett is another example in that arena.

Thankfully, the sequel doesn’t ruin it by throwing romantic overtones onto an already strong friendship. While getting a glimpse into Brett’s private life helps the episode’s runtime, other additions slow down the action.

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Necessary Backstory,

Even though learning about Myc’s backstory is necessary, it does drag down the plot for an entire episode. There are some predictable twists and turns in the character arcs, but they are still entertaining since the characters are aware of and make fun of these tropes. The self-deprecating humor is quite funny in this context.

Comic (and calculated) one-liners with a grounding in truth and (debatable) veracity hit the adult population like a wrecking ball and capitalized on their moment.

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Does Inside Job 2 Hold Up?

Absolutely! It’s an excellent alternative for a weekend of unwinding and binge-watching. As was previously said, despite having fewer episodes than the first season, there are still a few points where the story drags. The series maintains its tone of office comedy while making mild and understandable environmental slurs.

This program is a quick fix for anyone who is sick of their workplace or has other work-related issues for which they haven’t yet found an outlet. Its upbeat vibe and cast of likable primary characters are sure to make you feel better on the inside (if you catch my joke). Because

I’m not ready to let go of Reagan just yet and because the show has invested in world-building this season, the season finale will leave you wondering what’s to come next in Reagan’s life.

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Season 2 of Inside Job may be viewed immediately on Netflix.