Working Moms Season 6 Ending Explained
Working Moms Season 6 Ending Explained

It takes a lot of guts to admit that you might be wrong, and Season 6 of Working Moms is all about that. In Catherine Reitman’s comedy, which has been on for a few seasons, the point has been made that, yes, moms can do anything. It might make them lose their minds and swear a lot, but it is possible. In Season 6, however, that lesson was scaled back a bit to ask when “doing it all” is too much.

It’s a stressful episode with cheating, heartbreak, boundaries being pushed, and a new stepson who is always funny. Need a hint about how this episode ends? What you need is here.

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How Does Season 6 End For Jenny?

Jenny (Jessalyn Wanlim) was caught in the truth again, but this time it was because of another man. Jenny and MCP (Alex Mallari Jr.) have always been at odds with each other, insulting each other and telling half-truths. This went too far when Jenny pretended to be pregnant to get MCP to marry her. But Jenny’s lies didn’t stay lies for long. When MCP thought she was lying, he took her for an ultrasound and found out that she was pregnant.

MCP said he would marry her and take care of the baby, but only for the child’s sake. This strong desire made her tell another lie. Jenny didn’t tell him she had a miscarriage because she was afraid that if she lost the baby, she would also lose her future husband. Jenny finally gave in, and MCP was able to surprise her. He said he would stay with her and get married, even if they had a baby. At that point, Jenny surprised us all.

Jenny told HR in a big way that there would be no wedding during a meeting with HR. She said that she wanted to be a better version of herself in the long run and that she couldn’t do that with a partner who always called her a “butt plug.” Jenny quit her job and broke up with her boyfriend so she could join Goldie’s (Jayne Eastwood) MLM. This was the end of Season 6. She is the only person who could make a pyramid scheme work with all-natural products.

Are Kate And Anne Okay?

This season, Kate and Anne’s (Dani Kind) friendship was all about making progress. While everyone else told Kate she needed to cut back to be a better mother and boss, Anne was on Kate’s neurotic side and told her to do it all.

While Anne’s husband and daughter left because of how intense she was, Kate insisted that her best friend didn’t need to change. Even though all of this sounded good on the surface, it was really bad advice. This is what led up to the saddest part of this sweet series.

Kate and Anne have broken up in “The Scary Things.” The saddest thing about the end of this friendship was that it made both of their lives better. Kate was able to let her employees do work that would have been too much for her to handle if Anne hadn’t given in to her worst urges.

This distance has also made it easier for her to spend more time with her husband, her kids, and her new son-in-law. It’s like being rewarded for taking a step backward. At the end of the season, Nathan Jr. decided to live with Nathan (Philip Sternberg) and Kate instead of his crazy aunt.

As for Anne, not having Kate give her constant pep talks has given her the humility to rethink how to deal with her anger. So, seeing his wife try to be a better person gave Lionel (Ryan Belleville) the confidence he needed in their relationship. It also made Anne less scary to her daughter, who was always getting into trouble.

“Grow If You Want” shows that even though they are doing well in their new life, everything feels a little hollow. After being apart for a while, Kate ends the season by calling Anne, who answers reluctantly. Kate is worried about whether they can be friends again, so she asks, “Do you think we can grow together?” Anne said yes.

Kate and Anne are back to being friends. Thank goodness, because right after they made up, working moms jumped to one of the most stressful cliffhangers in the series’ history.

Working Moms Season 6 Ending Explained
Working Moms Season 6 Ending Explained

What Happened To Sloane?

Remember in season 5 when Kate (Catherine Reitman) told her publishing client Sloane (Enuka Okuma) that she could take time off to be a mother if she moved some meetings around? Sloane did. This season, she tried being a mom, and her ultrasound tech even helped her find love.

All of this has been hard work. Sloane passed out during a meeting because she didn’t have enough iron, which was caused by her pregnancy. When her nurse hookup told her he loved her, she broke up with him.

But in the end, Sloane realized that she had to let go of some things in her present to make room for her future. At the end of Season 6, Sloane was holding her new baby and smiling at her boyfriend. She then started a virtual reunion. She probably still has too many balls in the air, but hey, it’s getting better.

How Did You Working Moms End Of Season 6?

We need to go back a bit and talk about Anne before we get to that cliffhanger. Alice, Anne’s daughter (played by Sadie Munroe), started working as Anne’s secretary at the beginning of this season. When they did, they both found out something that shocked them both.

Alice was a great therapist who may have been even better than her mother. Alice took on some of her mother’s clients because she was good at what she did and she was always trying to make her mother mad. And that’s how Heather came to be (Martha Girvin).

Heather is now Alice’s client in a way that isn’t official. It goes against many moral and professional rules, but when Heather followed Alice to her high school, she went even further. Anne found out what Heather was doing, so she threw her into a car and said she would kill Heather if she ever came near her family again. How about it, mama bear? Well…

In the last few minutes of “Grow If You Want,” Kate and Anne make up right before Anne sees Heather sitting in a car and looking down at her. We can hear a car engine revving and the phone call is cut off, but we can’t see what happens next. It looks like Heather, who was out of balance, knocked down our wonderful and stubborn Anne. When is season 7 coming out?

Is Season 6 The Last Season Of Workin’ Moms?

To begin, Workin Moms 7 is listed on the website of the Directors Guild of Canada. Second, after the Workin’ Moms’ account announced the season finale in Canada in April 2021, they sent another tweet to explain that it was the season finale, not the series finale.


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