Longmire Season 7 Release Date

Longmire Season 7 Release Date, Longmire Series Cancelled by Netflix! No Season 7?!


Since season 6 of Longmire came out on Netflix, about five years have passed. Some fans are still waiting for Longmire Season 7, even though the series ended on a satisfying note. But will the show really return? We should find out.

Longmire is an American crime drama that has been on the air since 2012 on the A&E network. About a year after his wife’s sudden death, the drama series is about Sheriff Walt Longmire. The show is about his life as a Sheriff and how he deals with his loss.

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Longmire Season 7 Release Date

A lot of fake news is going around about when the seventh season of Longmire will come out. Some reliable sources have confirmed that season 7 of Longmire has been canceled. Since Netflix officially canceled it, season 6 will be the last season of this drama series. As of September 2021, season 7 of Longmire has not been set up or planned.

Why was Longmire Season 7 Cancelled?

Netflix said at the end of season 5 of Longmire that season 6 will be the last season. We don’t know why they are ending this drama show. Basically, Netflix watches how well a drama does and looks at its ratings before deciding whether or not to give it a second season.

Longmire: Previous Season Recap

Season 1: Walt Longmire is in a lot of pain after his wife died. His daughter is worried about him because he has been sad and slow recently. Walt gives most of the jobs to Branch Connally, who is secretly dating Walt’s daughter Cady, so that he can run for office again. “Vic” is a deputy who works for Walt and is a detective who looks into murders. In flashbacks, we see Walt and Henry go to Denver, Colorado, with their friend. Walt is seen hurting someone who is not known.

Fales, a detective who looks into murders, goes to Wyoming to tell Walt and Cady that his wife was killed and not because of cancer. Gales thinks that either Walt or Henry killed the person. In the second season, Cady met with Detective Fales to talk about who killed her mother. She says that her dad might talk to Henry and that Henry could be a suspect.

He tells her that the person who killed her mother is already dead and tells her more about her. Henry tells Walt that he hired Hector, the man who killed the man who killed his wife. Hector says that he only took the man’s teeth as a memento and did not kill him. When Fales finds the teeth at his bar, he puts Henry in jail. After the accident, Cady is taken to the hospital. Branch asks Walt for help because he hurt himself in a fight.

Longmire season Recap
Longmire season Recap

When Branch gets better in Season 3, he says that David Ridges shot him, but no one believes him. Henry is tortured while he is in jail. Henry gets bail after Cady agrees to be his lawyer. Branch and Henry both think Nighthorse may have something to do with the crimes. Walt finds where Ridges was hiding and kills him to protect himself.

As it becomes clear that Ridges, not Henry, killed Miller Beck, Fales drops the charges against him. Branch’s dad is okay with the fact that he paid Ridges to kill Walt’s wife. He told him that after this, he should be the sheriff. Season 4: After finding a scary note at Branch’s house, Walt finds Branch dead in a river. Walt meets Dr. Donna Monaghan, his new love, and starts to spend time with her.

Later, Walt and Donna are attacked, and Walt gets hurt, while Donna is taken away. Season 5: Walt starts looking for Donna so he can find the person who took her. Walt had to go face to face with the leader of the Irish Mafia. He tells him he can’t sell heroin anymore. Henry gives a drunk woman a ride.

Then Malachi and his men caught him and took him to a faraway place. He is just left there to die. Henry might die in Season 6, but Walt saves him with the help of a medicine woman. Then, Walt looks into a bank robbery. Walt quits his job and tells Cady to give it a try.

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