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Who is playing Dr. Watson in the end credits of the second Enola Holmes film?

Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Enola Holmes 2 contains a surprise credit scene after the film’s end. In a manner parallel to the resolution of the film’s central mystery, a canonical Sherlock Holmes figure is introduced during the closing credits.

Sherlock pays Enola a visit with a job offer after she and he work together to reveal the plot at the match factory. He offers they become business partners, saying “Holmes and Holmes,” but she rejects the idea since she says she would “be in your shadow” in such a relationship.

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It seems as though Enola is willing to spend more time with Sherlock; they plan to meet up again on Thursday at 4 p.m. Telling her older brother, “A buddy would do you well,” she gives him a hint as to what she has in mind.

After the opening credits, Thursday at 4 o’clock rolls around, but when Sherlock opens the door to 221B Baker Street, he doesn’t find Enola. Instead, a stranger knocks on his door and claims he has come in response to Sherlock’s advertisement for a roommate; Sherlock informs the man he must have the incorrect address.

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“The time and location specified by the young woman were crystal clear. She mentioned Thursday at 4 o’clock. You are Sherlock Holmes? “he says, before presenting himself as, of course, “Doctor Watson, John Watson.”

All for now, since Sherlock has invited Dr. Watson inside. Himesh Patel, who portrayed Tamwar Masood on EastEnders, plays Dr. Watson in Station Eleven. Since leaving Albert Square, Patel has acted in Yesterday and Don’t Look Up.

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Patel joins the performers who have played Sherlock’s devoted sidekick on screen, including Jude Law, Martin Freeman, and Lucy Liu. He may appear in the third film, although he will likely not play a more prominent part than in the previous two.

Dr. Watson goes missing in book three of the Nancy Springer series, on which the films are based, causing Enola to search for him with only a mystery arrangement of flowers destined for him as proof.

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The sequel, on the other hand, didn’t steal much from the sequel; therefore, we won’t see an exact adaptation of this scenario in the third picture. It may, however, serve as the foundation for a Watson-related mystery that Enola and Sherlock solve.

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