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‘Thor‘ Chris Hemsworth says “Limitless” impacted his career move

Chris Hemsworth has discussed the impact of his new program, Limitless, on his next professional pivot.

Due to having two copies of the APOE4 gene, the Marvel actor learned during the production of the docuseries that he is at a higher risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

While a formal diagnosis has yet to be made, Hemsworth told Vanity Fair that he was “not enjoying what was there in front of me” because of the news.

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Therefore, I’ve been longing for a break

He said, “I’m not ready to leave yet.” “Having to confront my mortality while filming an episode on dying gave me pause. I want to take in more of this peacefulness and gratitude while I’m here.

Since the show ended, I’ve been concentrating on doing the tasks for which I was already being paid. When this week’s vacation is over, I plan to get back to my usual schedule at home and use the extra time to get some things in order. To quote what he had to say: “Spend time with the kids and my wife.

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The actor’s journey to reverse the signs of aging and unlock the body’s full potential is chronicled in a docu series on Disney+.

According to Hemsworth, the episode got more “poignant” for him as it progressed since he wasn’t entirely stunned by the news because of his grandfather’s fight with the same ailment.

Originally intended to look at aging, he now finds the program “much more current and vital, even more tragic” than he anticipated. “It was a great impetus for me to do all I needed to be doing on the preventative front, the management front, or any other front you choose to name.”

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Disney+ now has the Chris Hemsworth film Limitless available to stream.

Source: Digital Spy & Disney+ (Twitter)