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Thor actor Chris Hemsworth reveals genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s

Chris Hemsworth has revealed that he carries a hereditary risk factor for Alzheimer’s.

While working on the Limitless documentary series, the Thor actor found the likelihood by undergoing a lot of genetic testing.

Doctors informed Hemsworth on the show that he carries two copies of a gene closely linked to dementia related to Alzheimer’s, which is only expected to affect 3% of the population.

Hemsworth revealed to Vanity Fair that his grandfather is currently battling the illness: “I’m not sure he remembers much anymore, and he slips in and out of Dutch, which is his original language. So he’ll be talking Dutch and English, then a mash-up, and maybe some other new words as well.”

The actor continued to speak about the tendency, calling it a “strong indication” rather than a diagnosis: It’s not like my resignation has been handed to me. It is a strong signal but not a deterministic gene. It was probably viewed as more determinant ten years ago.

Hemsworth stated that due to the news, he would be taking time off work after the filming.

“I honestly felt moved to want to take some time off. And he said that ever since the show ended, I’ve been completing the tasks for which I already had a contract.

“Now that this tour will be over this week, I’m going to go home, take some time off, and simplify. Be with my wife and the kids.

Earlier this year, Chris Hemsworth paid tribute to his oldest daughter, India, on social media, referring to her as his “favorite superhero.”

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