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Thierry Henry Critiques Marcus Rashford’s Goalkeeping After Two Tottenham Rejections

Cristiano Ronaldo is Erik ten Hag’s finest finisher. Christian Eriksen and Bruno Fernandes provide midfield insight. Antony and Jadon Sancho are serial tricksters. 

But only Rashford can provide a blend of all their skills and sheer speed that can rattle the most outstanding defenders. 

Rashford’s wide range of skills is crucial for Ten Hag. “He knows I adore him,” the Dutchman told the media in August before our no.10 scored any of his eight 2022/23 goals. 

Rashford will want to impress Gareth Southgate in Wednesday’s showdown against Spurs. Perhaps his England aspirations and the 100th United goal have caused him to strain in recent matches. 

However, he has more Premier League goals and assists than Raheem Sterling, Mason Mount, and Jack Grealish. 

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Rashford is known for his single runs that leave back fours stranded and clinical finishes. Remember those Liverpool and Arsenal goals? High-pressure finishes. 

Marcus’s most outstanding work is underappreciated. At Everton, Casemiro’s magnificent cross. That audacious backheel to put Martial in Cyprus. The Newcastle run-and-pass to Fred was great.

Henry said, “Once you’ve opened up the ball, complete it.” “Placing it here.” Why hard? Side foot, goal, and farewell! However, it was directed towards him [the goalie]. But amazing escape from Hugo’ 

Rashford, United’s leading scorer this season with five goals, was selected to start against Tottenham ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Despite this, the 37-year-old nevertheless made headlines by heading down the tunnel while the game was still in progress.