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10 Clever Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2022

Unique, original, unconventional. It’s so hard day after day to develop advertisements for properties ideas that meet each of these criteria, isn’t it?

We’ve put together real estate marketing ideas to help you promote your agency and reach more potential clients.

1. Make a quiz

People like taking quizzes on any topic. Use a brief quiz with numerous options to put your audience to the test.

Ask them if any renowned individuals grew up in the neighborhood and if they are able to inform you anything about the city’s history. Inquiries can be phrased around larger cultural issues not relevant to your industry, such as music, film, or another area of culture.

Use such quizzes as a tool for promoting real estate, within the email marketing or SMS text marketing initiative. You might even hold a contest, requiring participants to complete a lead generation form, with the victor receiving a gift certificate to a nearby eatery or coffee shop.

2. Provide users with an online real estate value

Any prospective seller is interested in knowing the value of their house. In order to discover more about possible buyers, incorporate a house pricing tool into your site.

The visitor will be asked for their email and other data after entering their address to be able to get the house evaluation report. Following his disclosure of this data, you will be contacted by a new vendor.

Even if the vendor declines to register by email, you may continue to contact them via conventional mail or marketing SMS because the form on your website has their physical location.

3. Create a video showcasing you

Advertise your business using videos. Dress like Steve Jobs and sell your services. Assume the role of a political contender and explain reasons why you are the best person for this job. You may also talk about companies you should avoid contacting and call them out for making the most unfulfilled advertising promises.

These films must be taken seriously since they showcase your value statement and describe what define your company as unique and effective. However, as previously said, personality influences purchasing and selling choices, therefore jokes and subdued humor on information buyers should be aware of your business are acceptable.

4. Hire a vehicle for mobile marketing

This is an unusual method to distinguish yourself in the area. Invest in a vehicle with your company’s logo on it. After your customers sell or buy a property, offer them relocation services. Every time a customer uses your car, the business will gain from further branding and promotion.

If no one requires relocation services, get inventive. It should be parked in areas of the city with significant levels of automotive and pedestrian activity.

5. Respond to inquiries from buyers and sellers

Identifying topics that interest your target market is an efficient technique to generate ideas for posts or real estate websites. Trending topics tools can assist you in locating these queries. Google Trends is the most popular of them.

This is an application that creates a list of inquiries depending on the keywords you provide. For instance, if you write “Los Angeles flats,” the questions returned may include:

  • Is it worth buying a house in Los Angeles?
  • How much does an apartment in Los Angeles cost?

Use Google’s “People Also Ask” function as well as the Keywords Everywhere Chrome plugin.

6. Send regular updates

Regular interaction with potential clients is not the most unique real estate marketing idea, but it works. Regular emails, Whatsapp notifications, or text SMS marketing make you a trusted advisor to current clients, generate interest in your listings, and keep you in the spotlight of potential clients.

Include useful content in your newsletters that will benefit your audiences, such as local real estate news, helpful checklists, and tips on how to buy or sell a home.

And if you want to stand out, you can send handwritten letters. When prospects and customers get an envelope in the mail with a handwritten letter inside, you have the chance to provide them with an exceptional experience.

Assemble this tactic with the above-mentioned instrument for home appraisal. Any house appraisal studies for which you were unable to get an email address should be sent using handwritten letters.

7. Purchase personalized business cards

The use of visiting cards will always be in fashion. Meetings with sellers, buyers, and other business experts are inevitable, therefore it’s critical to have your connections close at hand.

Get some unique business cards that few people have ever seen. People will remember you because of such a business card after your meeting has ended. Small details, such as creating a one-of-a-kind business card, can help people remember you.

8. Make use of animals in your property photography

Although not everyone will be attracted by a lovely French bulldog or a renowned cat look-alike in an apartment ad, a random pet photo may not turn consumers away — and may even catch them.

9. Create a fun game for award ceremonies and other special occasions

Have you ever seen advertisements in which blogs and businesses offer to play the “alcohol game” in conjunction with an occasion such as the Oscars?

Join in and make your own version of the game (drink or anything you like). You can even make an interactive roulette wheel for people to utilize at awards ceremonies and finals to see whether their wild ideas and predictions come true. Label everything with your brand so that folks who play your game remember you.

10. Profit on the popularity of the most recent internet memes

Memes are a fun real estate advertising approach that is just getting started and may make your audience grin.

When you observe a meme (politically correct and completely functional) gaining popularity, attempt to find a method to include it in a social network or even your site.

For example, a meme-filled piece titled “10 Feelings All Real Estate Buyers Have When Looking for a Home” might provide insight into your target demographic.


As you can see, there are many ways to market your real estate services. The main thing is to make sure that all your real estate strategies revolve around your website.

Your website is your “home” on the Internet. This is the place where most of the potential customers will come from. Create your brand. Grow your traffic. Enjoy a steady increase in income from your real estate business.

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