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Know about the promising young Brazilien talent : Endrick Felipe

Endrick Felipe is the most promising young Brazilian talent right now. It’s only natural for Real Madrid to keep an eye on the best young talent worldwide, and Brazil, with all its promising young players, is no exception. 

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The young prodigy is only 16, yet already major European clubs like PSG, Liverpool, and Real Madrid are vying for his services. Los Blancos’ head scout, Juni Calafat, who is credited with discovering future stars like Rodrygo and Vinicius Junior, is reportedly keeping tabs on Endrick’s progress and is satisfied with what he’s seen thus far.

Palmeiras forward Endrick shines. At only 16, he already appears to be a far superior player to many in his age group. 

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First, let’s highlight how adaptable he is. Left winger, right winger, or striker, he can play all three forward positions. Additionally, he is versatile enough to fill in in offensive midfield. In the offensive zone, he possesses remarkable explosiveness and can provide instantaneous results from any position. 

No one should dismiss his physical appearance either. Despite his little stature, the footballer is everything but weak. When it comes to single combat, he’s formidable. He has excellent tackle detection skills and thrives on difficulty. 

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The most striking thing we noticed about him was his striking similarity to French football legend Zinedine Zidane. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to draw parallels between him and the French World Cup champion, but after watching his highlights, we couldn’t help but notice striking similarities in their playing styles. Endrick’s back-heel and overhead flicks, composure with the ball in tight spaces, and deft touch while trapping the ball brought to mind the French legend.