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Season 6 of Elite: The Patrivan Are Back!


Season 6 of Elite focuses on the students of Las Encinas and the mischief they cause. Some fresh faces have joined the class this time around. Netflix users can watch the episodes immediately. 

Quick Synopsis 

A drunken Ivan stumbles out of a club and tries to flag down a car, but the driver runs him over and drives off, leaving him on the floor with a bleeding head. 

The last time Ari saw her father, he told her that if they didn’t get back to school and start acting every day, he would cut them off. The events with Samuel, he claims, were an accident, and he is making every effort to escape.

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Everyone at Las Encinas is gazing at Ari, Patrick, and Mencia because of the rumours surrounding their father. Patrick and Ivan have a healthy, flourishing relationship. 

The prosecution against the men who raped Isadora is still ongoing, adding to her stress. Nico, a student who has transitioned to male, and Sara, an influencer who has a couple’s account with her boyfriend Raul, are two of the newer students at Nico’s school. 

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Also, there’s Didac, a fresh-faced student who doubles as a bartender at Isadora’s brand-new club, Isadora House. Because he is acquainted with one of the accused, Javier, he first doesn’t accept Isadora’s charges. 

Nico’s mind is uneasy because Ari likes her, but she isn’t sure how she feels about dating a transperson. A rough patch has appeared in Patrick and Ivan’s relationship due to Patrick’s paranoia that Ivan doesn’t love him. 

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Mencia finds himself drawn to Sara, but she is in an abusive relationship with Raul, in which he can see that Raul has complete power over her. She tries to pull Sara away from it, but nothing happens immediately.

Due to a lack of proof, Isadora’s case got dismissed, and Hugo, Alex, and Javier returned to school while Isadora got accused of lying to attract attention. 

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After learning the truth from Javier, Didac decides to assist Isadora in seeking justice and apologizes for first not believing her. The only thing Isadora cares about is making their lives as unpleasant as she can. 

Even though it makes Ivan uncomfortable, Patrick often makes out with Cruz after a few drinks. Because of his shame, Patrick takes the fall when a video of them kissing becomes viral.
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Cruz realizes how much this harms his kid, so he organizes a news conference in which he comes out as a homosexual football player, to largely negative reviews. His home was vandalized, and he has received death threats from homophobes, yet many also praise him. 

Cruz scored in his first game as an out athlete, but the game was called off when spectators started fighting because he grabbed a rainbow flag to celebrate.


Inebriated, Ivan phones Patrick for help, but as Cruz leaves his house, he gets into an altercation with several passers-by and is subsequently beaten up by them. On their way home, Ivan and Patrick stumble upon Cruz, but it’s too late; Cruz has already passed away. 

Even if Mencia frees Sara from Raul’s influence, Raul keeps reaching out to her. Nico and Ari’s connection is sporadic, and during the periods when they are together, Nico becomes exceptionally self-conscious about his lack of a penis and expresses a desire to undergo a phalloplasty. 

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Ivan blames Patrick for his inability to cope with his father’s death since, without their encounter, Ivan’s father would never have come out as gay. 

Since it was recently disclosed that Samuel passed away, Ari has also been struggling with this issue. She has been using alcohol as a coping mechanism instead of facing the reality of Samuel’s death. 

Having ruined his connection with Didac, Javi continues to feel horrible about what they did to Isadora and would do anything to make things right between them again.

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Everyone attends Isadora’s mask party. Following the news she expects, Ari turns to alcohol to calm her nerves. Raul goes into the party searching for Sara but finds her making out with Mencia. 

The inebriated Ari gets behind the wheel, and the sleepy Mencia, upon learning this, attempts to pursue her. On the same evening, Ivan git struck, and Mencia also wakes up in Patrick’s front-end-damaged automobile.
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End of the season:

Is there a specific way in which Ari aids Mencia? 

Mencia feels she hit Ivan but can’t recall anything beyond the fact that she and Patrick ended up in the hospital. Ari visits Mencia to build an alibi. 

She sets fire to the automobile and then orders Mencia to keep the news from Patrick. Ari uses this against Mencia to persuade her to testify on her father’s behalf so that he may be released from prison and transferred to the family somewhere.

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In what ways do Ari and Nico interact with one another? 

Sonia, another student at the school, is the only person Ari can talk to about her decision to get an abortion when she discovers the pregnancy test she took has been placed in the bathroom toilet.

Once things were going well between Ari and Nico, they even slept together. However, as Ari became preoccupied with other matters, Nico confronted her, and Ari advised him to avoid her. 

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Does justice prevail for Isadora? 

Since Nico needs money to pay for his phalloplasty and Hugo wants to bulk up, they strike up a deal in which Nico sells Hugo hormones in return for cash. Isadora learns of this and offers Nico money to procure more chemicals that will have the same effect as the first.

She replaces Hugo’s hormones to castrate him after she and Mencia chemically and Ari drugged Javi and Alex and tattooed the word “rapist” on their backs.

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Though first upset by Isadora’s actions, Didac comes to accept them. His affections for her are obvious, yet she continues to reject him. 

Javi joins Hugo and Alex at the club one day, but Hugo doesn’t want anything to do with him ever since Javi destroyed their plot to blame Ivan.

Just before Hugo and Alex are ready to rape another inebriated female, Javi gathers the guts to turn himself in. Javi further confesses that she has a recording of the sex videotape which recorded her rape. If you know what happens to Ari, Mencia, and Patrick,

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What do you think will happen?

After using guilt to get Mencia to see reason, Ari advises Patrick to go because Ivan has made it apparent that he doesn’t want to be with him anymore.

The automobile accident prevented Ivan from telling Patrick about his change of heart, as Patrick is influenced by his sister. The family decides to leave Las Encinas once Benjamin is freed from prison due to the constant turmoil that has plagued their lives there.

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How was Ivan assaulted, but by whom? 

After spotting Mencia, Sara allegedly barred her from entering the automobile. Mencia isn’t feeling well, so she tries to take her to the hospital, but she accidentally strikes Ivan. 

She then asks Raul for help, and he creates the illusion that Mencia is driving the car. 

Are Isadora and Didac in a love relationship? 

When Didac’s brother and Isadora’s mother arrive at the mask party, he tells her that the hotel business runs in the family, but he’s broken connections with them.

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Isadora observes Didac’s brother escorted out of the meeting after being dismissed. And that is why Isadora cautions Didac that she doesn’t feel secure allowing anybody around her, even themselves, to come close to her.

Isadora decides to take a chance on Didac when things have cooled down, and justice is served, despite knowing that his brother is waiting nearby to pick him up.

A vehicle goes by the scene where a hand with a gun reaches out of a window and shoots someone as the new mystery emerges.

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