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Web and Digital: What Are the Most Sought-after Jobs?

The development of digital technology has changed the world. It has created real transformations in all areas of life including the professional field in general. With the advancement of technology, several new professions have emerged. The web is becoming more and more important in the internal organization of companies. If you also want to work in this sector of activity more and more trendy and evolved, here is the list of the most wanted jobs you can apply for.

Web Developer

When we talk about web jobs, we often tend to think first of web developers. Yes, without them, this sector would not exist. It is web development that gives life to websites, their structure and their appearance. According to a study by Anywr, it is the most sought after and important talent in this ever-changing industry.

If you want to work in the web, apply to become a web developer because it’s a real future job that meets all the demands of companies. Currently, almost all companies, medium or large, need a web developer to increase their visibility and improve their image.

Indeed, the web developer’s mission is to provide optimized web interfaces and digital services through the creation of customized websites. To become a good web developer, you need to master several computer languages to be able to assemble web pages and integrate content dedicated to this purpose. You can consult the web developer resume templates online.

Digital Project Manager

The digital project manager is also one of the most sought after jobs in the web industry. Being responsible for the realization of various digital products (websites, online stores, web and mobile applications, software, etc.), he/she is in charge of the planning and the budget dedicated to the advancement of web activities within a company. He is responsible for the quality of the results obtained.

To be successful in his role as a manager, he must coordinate his team which includes developers (web and mobile), designers, and web marketers. Thus, the main qualities required for this position are creativity, organization and managerial skills. The job of digital project manager can also be carried out in a company, in an agency or in an ESN. It can also be done remotely, as a freelance service provider.

System, network and cloud administrators

If you prefer to work as a network and cloud systems administrator, don’t hesitate if you have the skills required for such a position. This type of online administrator is a real architect who designs the system and network infrastructures that are essential for the site or in the cloud while taking into account the constraints of the company’s information system.

He is in charge of the proper functioning of the servers and the security and the secure storage of the data available in all the machines of the company. Depending on the size of the company he works for, a system and network administrator can take care of 3 to 30,000 machines, a real IT expert.

There are many job offers for system and network administrators online. There is even the possibility of alternating between the two to practice in this position.


With the explosion of the cloud, we are also seeing a big recruitment of DevOps from companies. It is the key person of the technical operation in the web business. What distinguishes him from other web workers is his versatility. He can work both as a system administrator or as a developer. He is also the link between all the teams working in this sector to eliminate bugs and deploy the infrastructure for these web applications.

Without DevOps, developers and system administrators may not be able to communicate and optimize their work in a context where development projects are quite numerous and complex. Web developers are very important in the web. But DevOps, on the other hand, are at the top of the most sought-after jobs in this sector.

Cybersecurity expert

As its name indicates, the cybersecurity expert is particularly responsible for securing information systems (ISS) by protecting terminals (computers, smartphones, tablets, and all connected objects of a company), servers and networks from cyberattacks that have become increasingly dangerous. It also performs a risk audit in order to reduce and establish a threat management protocol.

The problem, currently, is that there is a lack of people mastering cybersecurity although it is a very important position because without it all the data and machines of the company can be attacked and exploited dangerously.

Expert in data science

This other expert is a person intended to improve the global performance of a company and to help it in the decision making process. Nevertheless, the job of a data science expert can be practiced under 3 branches:

  • The data analyst to prepare data and analyze it to draw conclusions. The training in this branch gives you access to the professions of data analyst, data miner, financial analyst, and scientific researcher;
  • The data architect to create the architecture of servers to process data;
  • And the data scientist to establish trends from large amounts of data and to make predictions using statistics. Training in this field gives you access to the professions of data scientist, data analyst, business analyst, and BI analyst.

Also, the skills required to practice as a data science expert are the mastery of data processing, analysis and exploitation.

Community manager

And finally the community manager. Do you know what it is? It is the main guarantor of the e-reputation of companies on the web and on social networks. He is the one who creates their presence on these platforms and animates their communities. To achieve this, he must establish a social media strategy and provide creative, viral and recognizable content for the community.

If a company wants to acquire new customers and retain old ones, it cannot do without a community manager. It is true that this is a relatively recent profession that was born with social networks. But it’s also a good job for the future that won’t disappear tomorrow. If you have the qualities required to become one, including curiosity, creativity, and connection, apply!

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