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Return of Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” on Netflix

Jordan Peele’s most successful film to date is Get Out, which is regarded as his major break. Its searing critique of racial inequity in the United States elevates it to one of the best horror pictures of the preceding decade. By 2021, the WGA will have named “Get Out” the best screenplay of the twenty-first century.


Peele’s films are well-regarded partly because he handles major societal topics, most notable racism in Get Out, with great care and clarity. Furthermore, he is one of the rare directors who can produce an original film that is not part of a pre-existing series and still have a successful box office performance. You can’t go wrong with Get Out, Us, or Nope if you’re new to Jordan Peele or re-watching his brief but fantastic career. Here’s where you can see Jordan Peele’s best films.


This film is about Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya), a Black photojournalist from New York City who goes for the first time to meet the family of his white fiancée, Rose (Allison Williams). Rose acknowledges that she hasn’t yet informed her family that she is seeing a Black man, but she claims that her family isn’t racist and that there will be no problems. When they arrive, Chris is startled to see that the affluent family employs an all-Black staff, who act oddly around Chris, and he is more upset by the family’s worrying remarks regarding Black people. Without giving away the remainder of the plot, the film takes this idea in incredible ways, making it one of the year’s must-see films. 


“Get Out” is available back on Netflix and Hulu + Live TV, Fubo, and FX Now, as well as rent or buy on most VOD platforms.