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Morbi Bridge Collapsed: 141 dead and 170 rescued

One hundred forty-one people have died in Morbi’s bridge collapse, with many more missing. Multiple agencies searched the riverbank for survivors. State Minister Harsh Sanghavi reported 170 rescues. 

Morbi sources predicted more deaths

Gujarat’s junior Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi told reporters that around 170 people were rescued and 141 people died. 

He further stated that all parties had been charged with culpable homicide under IPC sections 304 and 308. 

“Investigation has commenced under the range IG,” he added, adding that a Chief Minister-appointed high-level team is also investigating the collapse of the colonial-era bridge late Sunday evening. 

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Bridge opened without civic approval

The bridge was reopened without a safety check following the repair and restoration. The local municipality reported that the bridge was reopened on October 26th without authorization. 

The 140-year-old hanging bridge, a Morbi tourist attraction, is maintained by a local private trust or Oreva group managed by a Morbi-based industrial firm that makes Ajanta wall clocks and other appliances under the brand name Oreva. 

After the Morbi tragedy, PM Modi’s roadshow was canceled, and the Congress party postponed their state-wide yatra from five routes.

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