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Reality Steve’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Reunion Spoilers Are Absolute Chaos

Bachelor in Paradise isn’t over yet, but I think we can all agree that there’s actually more drama going on off-screen than in the actual show.

Katie Thurston appears to be dating ex Greg Grippo after ending his post-Paradise engagement to . appeared!!), here’s a refresher on what’s going on.

In a recent podcast episode, Reality Steve explained that he received a message in September claiming that Johnny and Victoria were no longer together.A few weeks later, Steve said Victoria and Greg were “talking about anything.” Rumor has it that footage of the couple in Italy has surfaced on social media.

Reality Steve's 'Bachelor in Paradise' Reunion Spoilers Are Absolute Chaos

This leads us to a reunion tap on November 4th. According to Reality, Steve, Johnny, and Victoria had a roundtable discussion, after which Greg was brought out to join her Victoria.
Apparently, Johnny revealed that “he and Victoria had been in couples counseling for three weeks after filming,” and Victoria called her a horrible name, saying, “She said she doesn’t cook or clean, so I’m not sure how I feel about being a woman.
What is her use?” As if all of that wasn’t dramatic enough, the real-life Steve says Tyler stepped in and “heard from a reporter” that Victoria was cheating, telling Victoria to “yell at Tyler and tell him reported that he urged them to “speak to Quiet, he wasn’t involved.
Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Spoilers

 So How Did Victoria And Greg Get Together?

As it turned out, they chatted for a bit as friends before Paradise before deciding to head to Italy together, getting matching arm tattoos that read “hot” in Italian.
According to Zachary Reality, Victoria and Johnny got engaged at the end of Season 8 of The Bachelor in Paradise but broke up just weeks after the show ended.
Johnny took the stage first to express his position, then was joined by Victoria. They argued on stage, discussing how their relationship took a toxic turn.
Reality Steve reported that he tried couples therapy for three weeks after filming his Bachelor in Paradise. But Victoria said she was good as a woman because Johnny called her a “stupid c***” and she doesn’t cook or clean.

Johnny said he never called Victoria that way, even though he admitted he regretted saying things he shouldn’t have said. He then said he didn’t want his dirty laundry out in the wind, but claimed that Victoria threw him a wine glass and told him she was out of his league.
Tyler Norris, reporter, after hearing that Victoria cheated on Johnny at a party in Los Angeles and told everyone there that she was single. Victoria tells Tyler to shut up and she shouts that the situation has nothing to do with him.
Zachary’s Reality reveals that Victoria was the one who broke off the relationship with Johnny. She said she no longer wanted to be engaged but was open to dating him. This upset Johnny.
Then came one of the most shocking developments: Victoria is currently dating Greg Grippo from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. They confirmed the rumors to be true, but Victoria said she never cheated on Johnny.
According to Reality Steve, Victoria and Greg spoke in front of Paradise, but nothing serious. After that, Johnny occasionally saw Greg texting her, but she assured him that they were just friends. I got a tattoo. Johnny found out about his trip to Italy on SNS.

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Who Was Eliminated From Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Episode 12?

Bachelor in Paradise season 8 episode 12, which aired on ABC on November 7, 2022, showcased six contestants leaving Paradise Beach.

This week, women held the roses and the power to save men from potential elimination. Subsequently, four contestants were sent home:

  • Alex Bordyukov: 33-year-old Information Systems Supervisor who joined the cast in Week three during the split-week task
  • Hayden Markowitz: 29-year-old Leisure Executive who task joined the cast in Week 4 itself
  • Jacob Rapini: 27-year-old Mortgage broker who joined the cast in the first week
  • Justin Glaze: 28-year-old Investment Sales Consultant who rejoined the cast in week four after being eliminated in Week 2

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 Why Is Bachelor In Paradise Not Airing New Episode On Tuesday This Week?

Bachelor in Paradise fans will have to wait another week to watch the next episode of the show and see Justin’s reaction to the fact that Eliza left Paradise Beach for him.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Episode 13, which was earlier supposed to air on Tuesday, November 8 will now air next week due to ABC’s coverage of the mid-term elections.

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