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 The Curse Of Bridge Hollow Ending Explained; How Does Sydney Free Stingy Jack’s Spirit?

The Curse of Bridge Hollow is a 2022 American comedy-horror films directed by Jeff Wadlow from a screenplay by Todd Berger and Robert Rugan. Marlon Wayans, Priah Ferguson, Kelly Rowland, John Michael Higgins, Lauren Lapkus, Rob Riggle, and Nia Vardalos are just a few of the film’s impressive supporting players.

 The Curse Of Bridge Hollow Ending Explained

As they relocate from Brooklyn to a place called Bridge Hollow, “The Curse of Bridge Hollow” follows Howard Gordon (Marlon Wayans), his wife Emily (Kelly Rowland), and their daughter Sydney (Priah Ferguson). The village is decorated out to the gills with various horror-themed decorations and trinkets as they are moving in on Halloween. 

Now, Sydney is upset about moving away from Brooklyn, Howard despises Halloween, and it appears that Emily is the only person who has mixed feelings about the change. Sydney doesn’t want to become the person her father wants her to be, so there is some animosity between them as well. But when Stingy Jack’s ghost shows up to haunt the town, they are compelled to put aside their differences and stop this manifestation of evil.

How Does Sydney Free Stingy Jack’s Spirit?

After moving into their new house, the family finds out that Madam Hawthorne, a medium from the 20th century who once talked to Stingy Jack’s ghost, used to live there.

Sydney is intrigued, in large part due to her fixation with the paranormal. She attempts to connect with Madam Hawthorne using her ouija app, but instead of doing so, she appears to make contact with Stingy Jack’s ghost.

Sydney follows the ghost to a box, which she then opens. Sydney accidentally releases the ghost of Stingy Jack when she ignites the lamp inside.

Does this pose a risk? Yes, indeed! The locals of Bridge Hollow allegedly hanged Jack because of his terrible behavior. He was given a pumpkin lantern by the devil while he was in hell, and it served as a doorway for him to visit Bridge Hollow each Halloween.

For several years, Jack kept coming back to the village and terrorizing the locals. But in 1927, Madam Hawthorne was able to trap Jack’s ghost in a lantern. This stopped him from getting back at Bridge Hollow and the people who had killed him.

Jack returns when Sydney turns on the lantern. The spirit of Jack quickly causes chaos by making the clumsily made Halloween decorations by the townspeople come to life. He does this because he wants revenge.

Sydney discovers that if Jack isn’t apprehended by midnight, the village will have to put up with Halloween and Jack’s interference every year!

Sydney And Howard Need To Find A Way To Stop Stingy Jack

Sydney asks her father for assistance when she realizes what she has done. At first, Howard is dubious and thinks the paranormal activity in Bridge Hollow is some sort of illusion.

Howard, though, begins to accept the town’s curse as the narrative goes on. He and Sydney pay a visit to Madam Hawthorne’s granddaughter Victoria at the nursing home where she resides in an effort to discover more about the curse. The woman tells them about her grandmother and how the shrewd spiritualist used a chant from a book of spells to summon Jack’s ghost. She also reveals that Jack thought he could stay on earth after exchanging his own soul for someone else’s in the “ever after.” But his scheme was thwarted when Madam Hawthorne imprisoned Jack’s spirit in a lantern.

The father and daughter figure out that they need to find the book of spells before the evil spirit can find another soul to take Jack’s place in hell. This is because Sydney accidentally let Jack’s soul out of hell.

They learn that the magic book was sold at auction after the Hawthorne residence was sold and that its new owner was Sydney’s new school’s principal.

When they go to the principal, they learn that he no longer has the book and that he is unsure of its whereabouts. They decide to stage a séance to speak with Madam Hawthorne in an attempt to learn the chant necessary to retain Jack’s spirit after realizing they have little chance of discovering it.

In the meantime, the town’s carnival is being invaded by ominous Halloween decorations. The people in the town are worried, and the mayor thinks that another town is to blame for the horrible things that are getting closer to them.

Emily runs into more difficulties when the animatronic Stingy Jack statue at her house starts to attack her. It is obvious that Jack’s spirit intends to take her to the hereafter so that he can use her soul as his substitute there, but Howard and Sydney are able to save her in time.

Howard utters the incantation with all the conviction he can summon to make Hawthorne’s spell work. Due to this, Jack’s strength is diminished, and he is once more imprisoned inside the lantern.

Sydney and Howard travel upstairs to the attic, where they ostensibly permanently imprison Jack’s ghost. But when one of the attic walls collapses, they find something unexpected.

What Do Sydney And Howard Find In The Attic?

When Sydney and Howard find boxes that look like the ones that carried the lantern that contained Jack’s ghost, they are astonished.

As you probably guessed, the initials stood for Stingy Jack, and 1927 was the year that Hawthorne captured his spirit, and they were written on the box that held the ghost’s lantern.

The initials of more trapped beings and the year they were caught are written on the other boxes in a similar manner.

After that, the film ends, although it may be presumed that Sydney and Howard decide not to open any further boxes. But if there is a sequel, it’s possible that these boxes are found by a new resident of the house. And when they do, it’s possible that they’ll crack open one or more of these to let out whatever evil’s been hidden inside!

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