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Infinity Train Book 5 Is Not Coming!

Fans of the animated hit show, Infinity Train, have been eagerly awaiting news about a potential fifth season. Despite its popularity, the showrunners have yet to confirm whether or not we’ll be seeing more episodes of the show. Now fans are left to wonder: will there be a fifth season of Infinity Train, or has it been canceled? This article aims to answer that question by exploring the reports surrounding this long-awaited decision.

Is Infinity Train Season 5 Cancelled Or Renewed?

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As of this writing, there will not be a season 5 of Infinity Train, as the most recent season represents the conclusion of the series. According to premiere dates, the Seaso 5 of Infinity Train is officially canceled by HBO. On March 11th, Entertainment Weekly announced that the fourth season of the fan-favorite Infinity Train would be it’s last.

According to EW, the Creator of Infinity Train, Owen Dennis, pointed out that

“I’m so thankful to the crew of Infinity Train for helping make it what it became and to the fans for their incredible support over the years. While Book 4 ends, I’ll always be grateful and never forget that this series has meant so much to many people.” 

However, Infinity Train fans shouldn’t give up hope just yet! Dennis has also stated that season 4 was intended to be a partial installment, and he is willing to create additional IT content.

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“Maybe someday we’ll be able to make more, I don’t know, but for the foreseeable future, this is going to be the last season, and I hope you all have a good time watching it.” – Owen Dennis, via Twitter.

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Infinity Train Season 5: Release Date

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As the series has concluded (for now), there is no release date set for Infinity Train season 5. Possibly never again will we experience riding the Infinity Train. However, producing a spin-off series or a season of shorts similar to The Train Documentaries is possible.

This news came as a shock to many fans who were eagerly waiting for things to kick off in season 5. No word of production was being put on hold or any signs that cancellation could be imminent prior to the announcement, leaving many viewers shocked and confused about what happened. Despite this, there is still hope for Infinity Train fans, as Cartoon Network has not ruled out reviving the show at some point in the future. 

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What Is Infinity Train About? Story So Far…

Owen Dennis, previously a writer and storyboard artist for Regular Show, created the American animated television series Infinity Train. As of 2022, four seasons and several short episodes have aired. In this animated anthology series, various characters find themselves on a mysterious train with an infinite number of cars, each of which is its universe, and they must find a way to return home.

The series takes place on a seemingly endless train traversing a desolate landscape; the train cars contain an assortment of bizarre and fantastical environments—passengers with unresolved emotional issues or trauma board the train. As passengers travel through the train’s cars, their adventures allow them to confront and resolve their issues, represented by a glowing number on their hand that decreases as each problem are resolved. Once they have determined their problems and their number reaches zero, a portal will open, allowing them to return home.

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The first season focuses on Tulip Olsen, a young woman coping with her parents’ recent divorce. She is accompanied by “One-One,” a small, confused robot, and Atticus, the king of a kingdom of talking corgis. She eventually discovers many of the train’s secrets. She confronts Amelia, a passenger who, rather than overcoming her grief over her husband’s death, has usurped One-position One’s as Conductor and attempted to seize control of the train. Before getting off the train, Tulip convinces Amelia to adjust to the changes in her life.

In one episode of the first season, Tulip liberates her reflection from the mirror world and the two separate. Mirror Tulip (“MT”) is now on the run from enforcers who are out to kill her as retribution for abandoning her role as Tulip’s reflection. She joins forces with Jesse, a new train passenger, and Alan Dracula, a power-wielding mule deer. She assists Jesse in escaping the train by teaching him to assert himself, and he returns to the train to assist her in the running to the outside world.

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Grace and Simon, the leaders of a gang of rogue passengers who vandalize the train and attack its inhabitants to maintain their numbers, are the focus of the third season. Traveling with a young girl named Hazel and her gorilla companion Tuba increases Grace’s empathy for the other passengers on the train. After Simon kills Tuba, it is revealed that Hazel is one of Amelia’s creations, and Grace realizes that her previous assumptions about the train were incorrect. Ultimately, after fending off Simon’s attempt to seize control, Grace attempts to acknowledge and correct her mistakes.

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Why Infinity Train Season 5 Is Cancelled?

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The animated series ended with the conclusion of the fourth season of Infinity Train. According to reports, Owen Dennis, the creator of Infinity Train, believes HBO Max considers the show inappropriate for children to watch. Given the absence of official explanations, this is the most plausible rationale for canceling Infinity Train Book 5.

Understandably, Infinity Train fans are dissatisfied that they will not be able to see the play through to its completion. Twitter users came out in force to express their displeasure with the cancellation and their want to see the show come to a “proper conclusion.”

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