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P.A. Works and Nitroplus Announce Buddy Daddies Original Anime

The original anime series Buddy Daddies is set to premiere soon. The animation is being handled by PA Works, and the screenplay is being developed by Nitroplus.

It follows two assassins (who are also roommates) as they encounter their most dangerous victim. The premiere will take place in January of 2023. People on staff include:

The actors’ identities have also been unveiled. Hina Kino plays Miri Unasaka, Koki Uchiyama portrays Rei Suwa, and Toshiyuki Toyonaga voices Kazuki Kurusu.

In this story, we follow Kazuki, a skilled assassin who is also quite fond of ladies and gambling. His coworker and roommate Rei are the polar opposite, having never experienced romantic love in his life.

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On the other hand, Miri is a little girl whose father is a mobster. Toshiyuki Toyonaga stars as Kazuki Kurusu, a man who has a fondness for ladies and gambling but is running away from love.

Another, Ya Boy Kongming!, Shirobako, and many more, were all adapted by P.A. Works, a prominent animation studio. Visual novel titles such as Phantom of Inferno, Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa, and Smile of the Arsnotoria were developed by Nitroplus (stylized as NITRO PLUS_).

Their visual novels feature eroge themes and are notorious for their darkness. Nitro+Chiral is NITRO PLUS’s Boys’ Love content (DRAMAtical Murder) wing; it has worked with TYPE-MOON on the iconic Fate/Zero light novel series in the past.

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